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Friday, September 9, 2011

A Pocketful of Moments 9.9.11

Another gift children bring, in addition to the great gift of learning what we're made of, is helping us realize our wishes once thought long forgotten. Our times of having been children ourselves were so very short, but parenthood is meant to take us back and help us remember...

Joining Monica for Joy Pockets...

Finding a beautiful stable, with the most excellent teacher, and the most gentle horse for a young girl to learn to ride....and then the teacher looks to me and says "and you, Mama, do you want to ride?" A wide grin could not be helped. And suddenly, I am 8 years old again...

a thrilled boy when his Dad says "let's build something together"...

and now a new place for more books...

receiving blog love  from this beautiful lady, thank you Christie!!

microns and moleskine

finally, a new exercise routine

renewed offers on the house???

and This Moment with Amanda

Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!!

much love
xx oo


  1. Love this.

    The stable is absolutely lovely. And the bookshelf--awesome!

  2. You're right - we learn and relearn a lot with and through our children.

  3. Love all these shots...but boy that bottom one is a real "bring a big smile to your face" photo for sure.

  4. Oh, can they build me one too?
    I see you have a horse lover too. Next time you are up you should bring her for a ride. :)
    Have a wonderful September weekend MJ and good luck with the house offer. xx

  5. Scarlett is a horse lover too. As am I. What gorgeous looking stables. Nothing like building something. I'm sure your books will love their new home. Happiest of weekends to you and may a great house offer come your way. Jacinta x

  6. these are great. there’s no such thing as too many book shelves, is there? and the stables are alluring!


    have a great weekend, mj!

  7. what a great week you had! love your little girl's expressions in these photos. so happy!

  8. ADORE these pockets! So fun ou were offered to do some riding too. and yes to microns and moleskines- total love from me. And clever boys for doing that buliding!

    You made it onto my pockets this week :)

  9. I can feel your total joy! What a beautiful week.

  10. I'm stuck picturing you and M, totally giddy at that stable. I love that you got to ride, too!

    That bookshelf looks fantastic, but I'm sure the experience was at least half the joy. I look forward to the day when I can watch my children build things with their daddy.

    And your final moment ... too, too much fun! Happy weekend, friend.

  11. mmmmmm...moleskin!! LOVE it! A beautiful list, gorgeous pics and a great blog to visit! I absolutely adore the pic of your daughter on the horse...too cute!
    (oh- and one can never have too many bookshelves!)
    happy weekend! :)

  12. Love that bookshelf and yes mama does want to ride. Kids really do let you get back to your kid self too! Good luck on the house. Oh and Microns and Moleskines are awesome! Watcha makin'?

  13. Wow. Ok, pool play photo is priceless. "Our times of having been children ourselves were so very short, but parenthood is meant to take us back and help us remember..." really hits home with me this week and couldn't be said better. Amazing bookcase, too. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  14. Beautiful stables and what a great new thing for your daughter to learn! I love how you explain that having kids is a way to take you back to your own childhood... I'm excited to someday have a reason to watch 'kid' movies and play with toys again.

    And you are most welcome {muah!!}

  15. Beautiful. Every single one of them. A handmade bookcase is SO much cooler than one bought at a store. LOVE the last photo! What a beautiful family you have. Enjoy your weekend, friend!

  16. Such a beautiful stable shot! I love reading your joy pockets, MJ! So much love!

  17. What a wonderful week! I love the photo of the stable and that you had the opportunity to ride at your daughter's lesson.

    I'm visiting your blog for the first time from the Joy Pockets linkup. So glad to have found you!

  18. this picture of the stable is just wonderful : )

  19. all of our neighbors have horses and I'm pretty sure my husband is tired of my squealing every time we drive down our road, "look a baby horse!" "that one is standing!" "that one is sitting!" .....seriously. Beautiful photos!

  20. Such wonderful joy pockets -- riding, bookcases, a dip in the pool.

    Good luck with the house offers. Crossing my fingers for you.

  21. The pictures are great...but your words really made me think about "being a child again" from time to time. Thanks for that :-) Have a lovely weekend xo

  22. Wow, that really is a beautiful stable, and sweet about getting to ride yourself! Love the bookshelf...my husband and son built one this week, too!

  23. beautiful stable.

    "microns and moleskine"
    oh i hear ya. :)

    wow, renewed offers? taking any up?

  24. That family photo is amazing! Horses - LOVE!! Fantastic bookshelf - and made with all that love is even better. I hope the offers are acceptable! Have a beautiful weekend!

  25. loving all of these, but since i am here for THIS MOMENT, so much joy in that last one!!!

  26. These are some great moments, MJ. I especially like the pool pic!

    Here's my belated moment...


    Happy weekend!!

  27. I came back to say thank you very much for your kind words on the blog about my son. You're right. In many ways, they need to be their own thinkers and doers and learn (even through mistakes and difficulties) how and when to spread their wings.

  28. Good luck with the house. It's exciting to wonder about what might be next for you. : )
    Also, loving the stable picture. My kind of place.
    &...your daughter is so beautiful. Just like mama!

  29. Yay, horseback riding! Beautiful bookshelf, such a great family project. Happy joy pockets!! :)

  30. You had a fantastic week!! Visiting from Joy Pockets!

  31. What stunning stables

    I am hoping to add new exercise routine to next weeks joy pockets : )
    have a lovely weekend !!

  32. Most beautiful joy pockets, MJ and such a serene quality in that lovely stable image x


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