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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Down for the count

We are looking for sunnier days around here! And I don't mean the rain either!

Unfortunate happenings have been keeping me off the blogosphere and tending to my little family lately. Hubs threw his back out this past weekend :(. Though he's better now, it's the worse it has been poor guy. Then my active boy began his weekend with an allergic reaction to something leaving him stiff hands, itchy feet and a mild fever. When that went away a couple days later, the stomach virus showed up. Last night he was up at 3am dealing with stomach cramps and frequent visits to the bathroom. Could the two things be related?!! I keep looking for the malevolent fairy that has visited us these past few days. Oh if it were only as simple as swatting it down like a mosquito!!!

So while we mend over here, I'll leave you with an assignment I have this week from Maddie's Persisting Stars course (only 1 day left to enter the giveaway for her Persisting Souls e-course! btw). It's self portrait week and I am suppose to take a self portrait every day. Yep, it scares me. You all have secretly encouraged me with your recent posts of yourselves--LB, Tracey, Suzy, and others I know I am forgetting. The timing is good though as I haven't had a profile photo up for awhile. Maybe this assignment will succeed in it's purpose to get over this fear, once and for all? 

What? You didn't think I could go full frontal off the bat did you? Baby steps...and I am not promising anything :)!!!

One last bit, I am missing out on Mon's 5 senses tour this week because of that malevolent fairy I'm hunting, so please go take a peek and get your culture fix!

much sunshine to you!!


  1. You make me laugh! I don't know why we are always so critical of our own looks when we should just be thankful to be who we are! I have not been able to have another picture taken since I did the last one. My stomach still hurts just thinking about it! I think I need to practice baby steps too!
    I hope your house is on the mend and your little man and big man feel better soon. I would think the reaction for you son is related, maybe a food allergy?
    We have rain here too,but looking for sunshine in my future. xx

  2. Get better soon! And no worries, I wouldn't have gone all the way either. Even now, you're much braver than I. : )

    Oh, and getter better soon will ya?! ; )

  3. Aww, I hope your hubby feels better soon... I know how you feel about the self-portrait, but I think that picture showing your eyes is really nice. So, nothing to worry about ;-) xo

  4. dang! hope everyone there is on the mend! hooray on the portraits! oddly, i love seeing the faces of all these people on the net that i think of as my friends. makes it more real. you have given me a bit of inspiration perhaps...i got a cut and a touch of color yesterday...in the spirit of the oct. challenge and was sort of considering posting. my evil eldest informed me that ‘my hair is brown and it should stay that way’ but sweet della loves it...so maybe i’ll work up the courage!

    lovely eyes, btw!

    hope y’all feel better!

  5. i can still see that your beautiful. :)

    hopefully the guys will be all better soon, and good health will prevail. take good care of you too dear mj. xxx

  6. oh i hope that you catch that malevolent fairy! you have such pretty eyes (and i know the rest of you is pretty too!!!)

  7. man, it's tough when it's all at once. my girl was just finishing a cold and then seems to have caught another. argh. the previous night hurricane winds kept me up and last night her poor crying because she couldn't breathe right.

    i'm a zombie but somehow online stuff is keeping me sane.

  8. god! i hope everything is going back to normal again soon!
    i like your eyes ; )

  9. And you are still smiling through the whole thing. Your a champ! I want to send healing thoughts to you and your family. Hope you catch that fairy as well!!

  10. yes, why oh why does it always seem to break in gigantic waves....

    i started doing self portraits earlier this year, all partial, black and white, but the more you do the more liberating it will be!!

    i was doing it through 52 weeks of BAM on Flickr but have stopped due to time constraints but reminder to do it again more often.

    you would be surprised how many amazing comments you get on yourself.

    good luck!

  11. Oh MJ, I hope you nab that fairy! Sounds like it's doing some sneaky and unhelpful things 'round your house. Sorry to hear it—tummy bugs especially suck don't they? I hope everyone's on the mend soon.

    Something about a self-portrait is so vulnerable-making, isn't it? More than a happy snap of you with your kids would ever be. I love this one. It feels actually more personal than a 'full-frontal' pic would be. You've given us the windows into you, MJ. That's an amazing gift. Thank you, as always :)

    Sending love and smiles!

  12. Nothing is worse than the stomach flu! I hope it leaves quickly and your little family is healthy and fit. BTW the photo of you is beautiful.

  13. Oh dear! So many sickies...no fun. Wishing everyone well. That first photo is A.MAZ.ING! Well done. So, I've been thinking a lot about Boulder...I think you'd LOVE it there best - if you can live without water. Really. It seems like the perfect fit for you (in as much as I know you and Boulder). Looking forward to hearing what you think of it should you be making a trip soon.

  14. hey sweet lady. sorry for all the sickness over the weekend. we got by with just a few little colds but it still impacted the fun level. being full-on down and out is a bummer.
    you are getting so talented with that camera of yours.
    your eyes are just like you: beautiful, sweet and honest.

  15. Sorry it's all hitting at once -- maybe you guys just need some time to process the big changes you are all facing? I hope you all get some rest and rejuvenation, soon!

    And, it's so nice to see your eyes. ;)


  16. Ugh, the stomach flu is just THE WORST. Hang in there! We've had our first bout of colds, but I think the stomach flu is worse! The clouds photo is gorgeous - so is the peek of your face!

  17. Oh, goodness, I hope your guys are feeling better very soon, and all returns to normal around there.

    You have lovely eyes :)

    Hugs and healing to you and yours!

  18. Oh good grief, I hope everyone is feeling better soon. That fairy is not very nice. You have beautiful eyes! Keep up the great portraiture-I am wayyy to shy!

  19. Oh no! I hope your boys are feeling better soon. And that you squish that nasty fairy.

    Beautiful eyes!

  20. Hang in there...and love love love the photo!

  21. Phew. I just spent some well deserved time catching up on your lovely words from the last few posts. I've been out of consistent blog reading for a bit due to an insane fall, but this makes me realize I've got to soak in more regularly. Lovely, my dear. All of it.

  22. Oh, MJ. I'm sorry. I'm sending lots of love and healthy vibes your way. I'm glad I was able to secretly ecnourage you. :) Don't be scared, go full frontal. You are beautiful and shouldn't be afraid to show it. If it makes it easier set the timer on your camera and have it take a few shots at once at different angle or poses. The best part is that if you hate them, you can instantly delete them and the world will never know.

    Hang in there. You're already on the up and up.

  23. It always seems like when one thing goes off course, others follow! Hope everyone is feeling better in your neck of the woods.

    And I think your self-portrait is wonderful!

  24. bloggy hugs my friend! (i've been crazy busy & sick - now trying to get caught up)!!! fun, beautiful pictures!!!


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