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Friday, October 7, 2011

Pocketful of Moments 10.7.11

**First, the Winners (by random.org) for the Souvenir Giveaways**:
The Bell: Baby By the Sea
Mary Oliver: Jacinta
Make Your Place: Cory
(please email me addresses! :)

Photography e-course giveaway still open to all :)
Joining Monica for Joy Pockets with my favorite moments of the week...

 This week has been about sinking into home again. Wandering is wonderful, but finding rhythm feels even better...

cooler weather, oh thank you thank you thank you...

which means knitting again...yes...

an impromptu Halloween party with just the four of us, complete with yard decorating, monster mashing music, crazy owl crafts, cobwebs, monster toes, and a homemade Halloween cake :)...

listening to a girl and her daddy play a piano and poetry game...

my blogiversary

The Cobra Weave Bomb--oh yes we will! And here is how if you want to too...

M. at bedtime: "mom, you don't understand! my eyes are choosing not to close!"

 the special connection between a boy and his grandfather

the beautiful vintage polaroid sx-70 land camera...

And This Moment with Amanda...

Have a beautiful weekend friends!!


  1. how fun to have an impromptu party together.
    that's a great shot of a web.
    "my eyes are choosing not to close!" - excellent.

    what a gorgeous camera. film's expensive though isn't it? worth it?

    we've also been refinding our home rhythm, it's so good when it's there.

  2. Love that web. Love those polaroids. Is it hard to find the film?

  3. a beautiful weekend to you too :)

  4. Oh all of those photos are wonderful! Sounds like a fantastic week of settling back in.

  5. We had the exact camera when I was a kid and we always thought how "modern" it was {ha, ha}. Have a great weekend. I just saw you are suppose to get a lot of rain so enjoy [I wish it was here!]. xx

  6. So many wonderful moments! Ah, I am so excited I won something, will email you my address. I am loving that cute crazy owl! Have a beautiful weekend lovely! Jacinta x

  7. oh ezra and M are so alike in the sleep department. his eyes are always open long after i've closed mine. and recently when he was upset at soccer practice in tears was saying, "my eyes won't stop crying!"

  8. O M G!!!! it’s moments like these that i remember why i blog! it’s to be inspired from people across the country like you and tracy! her bird and your cobra have just given my life meaning for the weekend! the cobra is really just insane. i’ve never seen anything like it and my kids are going to freak out!!! especially after we eat 600 popsicles in one morning!! :)
    smile smile smile! can’t wait to do this!

    thanks for the lovely pictures too and your always wise words!


    have a good one!!!

  9. First of all, that first photo is amazing! I love sitting back and enjoying as your photography gets better and better. Not that it was ever lacking! Perhaps one day I'll actually take time to learn new things about my camera and photography. On the list!

    I love M's bedtime line, and the idea of a piano and poetry game. I can only imagine the creativity that involved! Also, families that have impromptu parties together are probably the best kind of families out there. That sound so fun, and I can only imagine the memories made for M and E.

    Happy weekend! xoxo

  10. As always, your photos are breathtaking. Love, love, love the spider web!! Here's mine


    Happy Friday!!!

  11. you can always wander but it's nice to have a place to call home...
    love being on this adventure with you mama.
    XOXOXOXO have a great weekend. And so excited i won!!!! Thank you!!!! wrote you a personal email.

  12. That spiderweb photo is AMAZING! Sounds like it was a good week. Here's to a wonderful weekend!

  13. The photo of the spiderweb is stunning!
    Love the polaroids! ...Always love polaroids :)
    Have a beautiful weekend MJ!

  14. congrats to all those lucky winners!

    and the polaroid camera - don't you love it!?! can't wait to see what you do it with mj.

    enjoy your weekend!

  15. The cobra weave bomb is too cool!!! Definitely bookmarking that. Yay for impromptu Halloween parties!!

    Happy knitting! Happy weekend!


  16. Sounds like you all are having a blast! I adore that Polaroid. If I may ask, where do you get film for it? Have a glorious weekend!

  17. Vintage polaroid - so cool!
    Yay, for autumn knitting. xoR

  18. such beautiful moments to share : ) love the last one... kids have a special way to say things : )

  19. Nice polaroid!

    Happy snapping to all! grace

  20. congratulations to the lucky winners :)
    how fun your party sounds, makes me smile. you must be thrilled with your new camera, you'll make beautiful pictures.

  21. Happy blogiversary! Yay, for halloween parties of any kind. Awesome cobweb pic. May your joys continue :)

  22. The owl photo is just too cute!

  23. beautiful MJ! gorgeous photo! cake sounds good too- welcome home- interested to hear your future plans.

  24. That spiderweb is stunning. Great capture, friend!


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