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Monday, October 31, 2011

Messin' around with completely unrelated thoughts

Happy Halloween!

How do you like our mummy? She was so excited for today that she could hardly fall asleep last night. I do love Halloween, but I am pretty excited for a different reason. Today is our last day of home ownership, at least for now anyway :). We close today, and tomorrow we officially are renters :).

Unrelated thought #1: I've been messin' around with blogger this weekend, feeling restless for a change in blog design. Honestly, I've been feeling much restlessness about the blog in general, like a shift or overhaul of some sort needs to happen. Maybe design is where to start. Hubs is not a web designer, but he could make an entirely new blog for me if I bat my eyelashes. He's just so damn busy, I hate to ask. Not to mention he's in a bit of a funk as he lost his sunglasses, his iPhone, and his personal notebook, all in a matter of days.  AND, it's his birthday this week. I tend to think there's a message in all this for him, and I haven't a clue what that could be---except maybe get a man-purse for his birthday???

Unrelated thought #2: In thinking about our town, I wanted to share some local bloggers/creatives that make Orlando cool.

Pacing the Panic Room: a talented photographer, writer, and dad with a fab family. His wife rocks and is responsible for my new hairdo not too long ago... He's actually cutting back on the blogging and they are both focusing on their new Tumblr site.

Makr: we have watched this friend explode with his creative genius, and now there is no stopping him...

Honest Fare: I want to make food like her when I grow up.

Unrelated thought #3: I learned this weekend that kimchee may cause cancer. I love kimchee, I could eat it by the pound. But I realized after researching more that high sodium is the actual culprit. I know I am addicted to salt, something else I need to work on I guess...

Unrelated thought #4: We've narrowed it down to one...Boulder, CO it is :)...

Linking with Amanda for Weekending...

much love to you


p.s. honest thoughts on this design welcome...it's already bugging me a bit about all the clicking I have to do to get from one page to another--


  1. Oh MJ -- congratulations for deciding on Boulder -- what a wonderful place to be relocating!! And I am not surprised by all of the unrelated thoughts...this time of transition will bring with it many thoughts and ideas and worries and excitements that come together to be this change!

    Wishing you the best -- Happy Halloween! I'm loving that mummy costume!

  2. How exciting! Boulder! I have only passed through once but I remember it being very beautiful. You better put John Denver in your playlist! Haha, a man purse, you are funny MJ.

  3. I love Boulder and just know you'll have a blast!
    Happy Halloween! By the way, your mummy is adorable.

  4. thats a scarry mummy ; )
    its impossible today to know exactly what we eat... and thats realy realy scarry : (
    i did have to go to the classic style to manage to fint the comment space... but that could just be me though....
    have a wonderful week : )

  5. Boulder is a beautiful spot!

    I've had the urge to *redecorate* myself and I like the new blogger templates ... sort of!!!!! I've made a new header to go up tomorrow and if I change to all the new stuff it will get lost! At least I think it will get lost! Time to play!

    Sure like your mummy!

  6. I love the design, and I have forgotten everything else I was going to say because I'm too excited about Boulder. Boulder! Boulder? I can meet you there!!! I suppose that's a mighty big assumption on my part, but I will definitely be in Boulder in the next year and I will definitely want to meet you for coffee there if you want to meet me for coffee there :)

    Happy Birthday to the hubs, and Halloween to that fantastic mummy!

  7. howdy new neighbor!!! (sort of!) so excited for you! so may things you mentioned to day are parallel with goings on here...I have been test driving this same new blogger format for a few weeks. i love it and it looks lovely on you! have always loved the panic room and her fabulous belly series! matt’s birthday is this week and he just got a new phone and sunglasses....weird, really. and i love kimchee too and have been making it salt free...will send you recipe if you’re up for some stinky veggies brewing in a dark corner! AWESOME MUMMY!

  8. Your mummy rocks! Love it!
    Boulder??!! You'll be my city neighbor. :)
    I hear you about the blog overhaul. I've been in a rut with mine for a few months now. Not so much the design but the content. This March will be my 5th year behind the site and I'm feeling a major change in feeling/content coming on. We'll see...
    Happy Halloween!

  9. boulder is lovely and so much fun. i've spent a lot of time there and have always loved it. so yay you!

    and uhm, i vote no on the man purse. maybe he just needs to slow down a little? i know when my mr. is overwhelmed and going about things quickly things get lost, left behind, or more commonly, he sets things on his trunk and then drives off...never to see them again. really.

  10. Crap. My whole comment just was erased!
    Ok. Here's what I said in a nutshell:
    Yay Boulder!!!!!! (You'll be somewhat closer to me by maybe 1500 miles.)
    NOOOOO man purse. (Ya feeling ok??????)
    Blog update: YES! Looks nice.
    Big Hugs

  11. p.s. missing all the links to other sites, etc...on your blog actually. Just realized they were missing now. : (

  12. How exciting to be moving to Boulder! Congrats. Your mummy is looking mighty fine. Have fun changing your blog, it feels like such a big decision, doesn't it???

  13. Fabulous! When do you head out? Let me know if you'd like me to make a few introductions to some beautiful women there. Love the random thoughts. Please wish your dh happy birthday for me. I do hope things look up for him soon. Have a wonderful halloween!

  14. Boulder, CO! Wow, fun! I have family near there. I'm so exciting for you! Yay, yay, yay!

    I've been thinking about blog design as well lately...my hubby is a computer programmer but just like F, too busy to tackle my issues. I fumbled for a while and then put the idea to rest for the time being. I'm not much for design suggestions but it feels a little lonely (although maybe a declutter is what you really wanted?). I miss your beautiful banner pics, too.

    Happy b-day to your hubby! Hope the big day brings him some refreshment.

  15. I love your mummy! What a great costume. Hope you all enjoyed Halloween. How exciting on choosing Boulder. I haven't been there. The closest I've been is Utah. So if the country around Boulder is anything like Utah, I can see why you have chosen the area. Hope your hubby has a wonderful birthday. Jacinta xx

  16. Love your Mummy and congrats on deciding on Boulder!

  17. What a great mummy! I love the photos... and congrats on the decision. Colorado is a wonderful state!

  18. i love all your thoughts, you make me feel like talking to you. poor hub losing all his stuff. i hope it turns up, or at least you find the hidden message.
    i love your mummy too, i remember those days (and nights) of sleepless excitment. yesterday my grandaughter changed her mind on her costume so i spent a few hours hurrying to make her a new one, (she was so sweet about requesting).
    congratulations about colorado, boulder is SO cool. so much to look forward to for you!

  19. I love your mummy. What a great photo!

  20. what do you mean by clicking through pages?

    would you like some help with the design, you know i love doing tha right? have you seen a template you like? i can help get it uploaded and tweaked properly.

    Boulder ay? doesn't mean anything to me of course, but excited for you that you've narrowed it down.

  21. great mummy :) I don't know anything about Boulder, but I'd love to see some pics and hear what you have to report!!

  22. Boulder will be beautiful - when do you plan to head there? We will be in Golden 30 minutes away when we return from St.Maarten. Really enjoying your blog - PS - just started following it.

  23. Hey MJ, how exciting that you've made a decision! I've not been to Boulder, but know friends who live/lived there. Sounds like it's beautiful in every season. Make sure you find some gorgeous trees out there—I have swooned over your Florida trees! :)

    I like the blog design of this moment, this right now at 11:12 Australia time, the one that has a beautiful photo of yours up top!

    So happy for you with all your adventures, MJ. Love the Mummy girl.

  24. This is odd - this post has only just appeared on my "dashboard" as posted yet it's from yesterday - huh? Anyway, you sound happy and excited about your choices which is brilliant. I have of course no idea even where Boulder is, but I'm sure it's a nice place. Your new blog design looks pretty good, I've been thinking about that too but simply cannot be bothered at the moment - too much other stuff on my mind ;-) Have a lovely week xo

  25. Boulder, you weren't kidding about wanting to get back to snow! lol I've never been to Colorado, but I've always heard how much people love it there. I'm so happy and excited for you. Any idea of when the big move is?

    p.s. I definitely don't miss the bugs of FL. I remember the love bugs, I think in May and September. That was the most disgusting thing I've ever had to walk/drive through!

  26. Hey wow, congrats on Boulder!! Of course, I'll miss the chance to get to know your family, but I'm so glad you've made your choice. How exciting!!


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