"We are all wanderers on this earth...our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams." ~ Gypsy proverb

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pockets and Pins

 I forgot to write my joy pockets down this week. Without them, I can see how easily weeks can slip by seemingly uneventful. But it's not true. Many moments leave subtle imprints, and unless I write them down or take a photo, they quickly disappear as just another day, just another week. The older I get the shorter the years seem, and the moments whizz by too quickly for me to count on memory...Thank goodness for writing, thank goodness for photography, thank goodness for this community of inspiring bloggers who want to remember exactly what I want to remember---that life is good.

Fridays are for Joy Pockets with Monica

Peaceful driving moments, with Patrick Watson in one headphone and the view westward home....

the power of probiotics and a healthy boy (thumbs up with the blood test results:)

a handmade purse for $20

M. and her words..."Mama, you are as beautiful as a mango."

a boy drumming all over the house

knee-high halloween socks, everyone should have a pair...

And for a little extra wonderful, I am joining LB for her weekly Pinney Party...

Images that remind me that I can find "Heaven on Earth"
(all pins found here)


Hoping you find your heaven this weekend


  1. What an inspiring post MJ -- and even without writing them down! The socks, the purse, the lovely words of your children, all wonderful!

    You are so accurate that so many of us blog to be mindful of the beauty in our everyday...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. beautiful photo up top. love those socks. and i know what you mean about not be intentional in finding the joy, beauty, gift, etc. in all... when i forget to look i find sorrow creeping in. it's a strange thing. you found some great ones.

  3. MJ, I am so happy for you that your son is better and the blood test were good! I hope your weekend is filled with as much fun as those adorably fun socks!

  4. that song is beautiful, he has such a haunting voice, love the compliment "you are as beautiful as a mango" I might use that on a card! I have a boy that drums all over the house too..unfortunately also drums on my legs and head and the walls! Love your socks...I want! As the lovely Martha Tilston sings in one of my favourite songs "it's a good world"

  5. i need to remember to write it down as it happens too mj.. i think of it as it happens - oh remember that. i think it's time to use my iPhone for remembering more.

  6. That first photo is quite literally breathtaking. The phrase is overused, but in this case it's absolutely appropriate. The sky is so very majestic.

    M's words made me smile, as I'm sure they did you, too. Such a gem, she is! You, too.

  7. love the socks (or tights?) and the pumpkin-so festive! I try to write down everything I want to remember because I forget so easily!! I will blame it on my kids :)

  8. Hi:) I just wanted to pass The Versatile Blogger Award on to you! It’s for new or new-to-me blogs that have a lot to offer readers. Here’s the link to my blog for more information and the award button. I love your photos and truly appreciate your view of learning through life:)

  9. i always kid myself that i'll remember... a funny thing Miss3 said, a tiny joy pocket... off it disolves into the ether...

    your sky capture is stunning.

    and a big hooray for a healthy boy!

    the bag the socks, the last pic oozing relaxedness.... lol... beautiful.
    have a great weekend MJ.

  10. Lovely, lovely, lovely-I am glad your son is doing well. Love those socks-mine are lime green and purple! xoxo,Ang

  11. Glad your boy is feeling better.
    LOVE the feeling of the drive home.
    The purse? COme on, you know I'm envious.
    And I so want to be at that party table!

  12. yummy.... here's my moment this week: http://journeyaroundtheson.blogspot.com/2011/10/this-moment_21.html


  13. Lovely joy pockets and beautiful images.

  14. I'm really liking this post, MJ!!!

    Your photos are awesome!! That bag for 20 bucks - sweet!! Glad to hear all is well with E. Love M's words. :)

    Oh, those pins ..... <3

  15. great post. it's important to cherish the little moments that make you happy every day.

    have a lovely weekend!!!

  16. Nice and iteresting post! good! have you seen my new post outfit? ther is also a fabulous giveaway, with non limit price! come to partecipe! i wait for you!
    kiss kiss


  17. such a lovely post mj, you are so right about it all. it is so good to document and take photos, and at the same time its okay not to too. what i mean to say is you will remember so much, even though you think you won't. and the kids, when they grow up, will help you. i sometimes think it can be hard for mamas now, to keep up with all they think they have to. i guess what i really mean to say is whatever you do to keep and remember these years will be truly enough and it will be wonderful.
    xxx lori

  18. This is such a lovely and positive post. The first picture is beautiful - I just love the dramatic sky. It's so sweet that you're "as beautiful as a mango" and it made me laugh ;-) Glad your little boy is feeling better again. Have a lovely Sunday xo

  19. Oh, that first shot of the sky is just wonderful! And I so agree that they need to be written down or captured in some way as quickly as possible or they melt into the background.

    Sorry I haven't been around much lately (I so want to catch up on all your posts, not just the pockets). but struggling a bit at the mo....

    Hope you're having a nice weekend, xo

  20. I adore your joy pockets this week (as usual) lovely! totally relate to the "boy drumming" -multiplied by 3x! (four counting the hubs) The socks are to die for- what a great shot!! very creative, my friend!!

  21. Love those knee-highs and I totally agree. And that purse! wow. What a find. Happy, happy news that E is on the mend! Love to you mango mama. :-)

  22. MJ, that first photo is beautiful beyond words.

    And I LOVE knee highs. : )

  23. I missed this post - love the mango comparison!! How sweet an analogy!


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~ George Bernard Shaw