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Monday, November 21, 2011

Falling into spirit

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I'm still getting scrumptious baby tomatoes!!

It seems that just as fall begins to show itself around here, winter is nipping at it's heels with holiday greetings, advertisements and decorations of red and green. I think I mentioned before that it's the holidays that help define the seasons for me since the weather patterns don't. I came home yesterday from my date with mom to a Christmas tree in my living room. I admit I had a bit of "bah humbug" in me as I wasn't ready for this, especially when I was just saying how I want things to remain slow and mindful. I felt rushed. I have yet to start Thanksgiving prep!! They were so happy though, my tiny family of three, singing Christmas songs, and talking about making cookies for Santa.
I sighed, then went to my closet to dig around for our balsam candle.
 After lighting it, I inhaled...deeply, and then 
I surrendered...

Joining Amanda for weekending...

with love and gratitude this week...



  1. I so get what you are saying about the seasons MJ and with temps reaching almost 80 I am having a hard time this year. How sweet your family was to set the tree up and how excited they must be!
    Picked a handful of tomatoes here too so at least we have that!

  2. what lovely and inspiring images! wishing you much serenity this week...

  3. Have a lovely Thanksgiving week. I am with you, friend. I want to soak it all in and enjoy every moment. No rushing.


  4. Our tree will be going up this coming weekend and so far I am not "feeling" it. I hope when I play the Christmas music I will be spurred into joyful action.

  5. oh! enjoy mj! it's a special christmas this year for you to celebrate your years of raising your little family in florida thus far. i know you know that. i would've had the same first reaction. i can't believe how fast it's all coming this year - i think i say that every year. i think maybe the season's greetings will be easier to welcome in colder climates like the one you're headed for!

  6. Sometimes I think I drag my feet on decorating for Christmas because it signals January right around the corner when the dreary gray days are hard for me. But if I remember to live more in the moment and I would notice that right now it's beautifully sunny and cold outside with golden leaves everywhere.

    Here's to enjoying the holiday cheer in your home! ;)


  7. it seems a bit early. but we don`t have thanksgiving here so i quess its lovely to have the christmas tree on thenksgiving : )
    good to have som sweet time with the kids...
    you got me in the spirit now ; )

  8. I was thinking about making my pine cone garland and decorating the mantle this weekend. Also walking through the woods to cut the greens. We use a lot of natural decorations and this weekend is supposed to be warm(er), making it easier to be outside. We'll see how I feel this weekend, though. :)

  9. Love your photos.
    The only thing to do is surrender....and love it.xxx

  10. looks like a great weekend! and i was very excited to notice my christmas cacti have little buds waiting to bloom - love this time of year :)

  11. I'm still finding it hard to get to grips with the fast approaching festive season! We are very last minute xmas tree buyers! love your shot of the lovely red leaf heart, its gorgeous. x

  12. Very beautiful images!! I am still managing to block out the christmas decorations in the markets.... but I know it will be upon us so very very soon. I must say that the image of your tree got me a little excited!! Happy thanksgiving!

  13. love these pictures. so inviting. happy thanksgiving.

  14. yes, I sometimes feels like "they" (society) just rushes us on to the next thing...we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet!! Wait!! I'm glad you're getting into the spirit. It's easier just to give in to it and enjoy it. I LOVE that first photo. Beautiful!

  15. i love being part of your life thru your blog.
    this is so sweet.
    and your photos are rocking.

  16. I love the pink blooms on your Christmas cactus, MJ. Husband bought me a Christmas cactus about a year ago, and its blooms look so pretty now.

    It's nice that you were able to surrender to the early Christmas tree. I, too, try to keep the holiday in check, but you sent a good message to your family that it's okay to be flexible.

    I lit a balsam candle the other day - heavenly!

  17. i love what tonya said, that you were able to surrender and just enjoy. so often it's our expectations that cause unhappiness or stress when they don't match whats in our minds or hearts. oh that little tomato! an adorable photo.

  18. Gorgeous photos. Hope you have a beautiful week leading up to your Thanksgiving which you do with everyday with such grace and dignity. Love Katie x

  19. Time goes by so fast isn't it? Sometimes it feels like everything should slow down. I often realize I don't properly enjoy autumn for being so rushed into winter... but I love Christmas time, and you're right, we have to know when it's time to surrender and enjoy.
    Have a nice week!

  20. Your photos are so lovely, MJ.

    I'm not ready for the holidays -- any of them. But they will come whether I'm ready or not, I guess.

    Just sit back and enjoy. That's all we should do.

  21. That made me smile, can you believe that my (our) Christmas tree never goes up before Christmas eve? It's lovely that your kids are all excited and happy and that you're all able to enjoy the festive season. Have a lovely week xo

  22. Your tree is beautiful. The singing of holiday songs have started around here too. I try to give each season its due to but oh well. We'll be getting our Christmas on starting Friday.
    Surrendering can be sweet. Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. Doesn't it feel good to surrender sometimes? It helps to see the smiles on children's faces. Your photos are beautiful, and I'm grateful for the reminder to embrace the seasons as they come. xo

  24. No doubt I'll be surrendering soon too :)
    My girls were talking about Christmas trees before Halloween had even arrived!!!

  25. mmm, surrendering. So hard to do during this season! Candles help. Gorgeous lighted trees don't hurt. I love the title of this post- falling into spirit. Exactly what I need to do to start appreciating this season more.

  26. Love the photos.


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