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Friday, November 18, 2011

Joy pockets and one for you

Wow where did this week go?! I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week!! Admittedly my thoughts are more possessed by the big move that has now been pushed back to the beginning of March. I finally resigned myself to not bother packing until after the holidays, and to try to enjoy the last few months we have here with family and friends. These will be our last holidays in this house with our entire family so close together, and that is something that I really need to savor and be mindful of :)...

Joy Pockets with Monica today AND a little giveaway for you!!!

citrus, sage, and lavender tea

alone time with the boy with above said tea and Scrabble
 (notice how the tea is gone--delicious!)

nutella and french baguette

revisiting homemade soapmaking 

this beautiful song and video, and their link to free music!

And my favorite M. quote of the week:
 "Mah-ahm, I left my manners in the underworld."

And now the GIVEAWAY! With no other reason than just because and in gratitude for the lovely and talented group of bloggers that you are, the comments that you leave, the kindness and support that you so freely give, I thank you...

Since the likelihood of us really sitting with each other to have tea or coffee is rare, I thought I could at least share a mug with you :). I am giving away a handmade mug from one of my favorite shops on Etsy: desertNova.

If you love collecting mugs, then you will adore these!! I can attest to their quality and durability, as well as the gorgeous details and designs. The artist, Len Hughes, adds a southwest flavor to her mugs. In her designs you will find hearts and stars, feathers, dragonflies, and uplifting words to name a few. So for the giveaway, take your time browsing the pages and looking at the pictures. You have your choice of one any-sized mug in the shop. They come in 12, 16 and 20 oz. sizes so make sure you pick the design you want in the size you want.  Leave me a comment with the name of the mug, the size and the item number located at the top of the mug's page. I will draw a winner on Wednesday, November 23, the day before Thanksgiving. 

much love to you my friends and have a beautiful weekend



  1. Your tea looks lovely...and goes perfectly with a nice game of Scrabble...

    ...the mugs are so lovely...I think I like this one the best!

    ceramic bird coffee mug 20oz stoneware 20D016

    Have a lovely day!

  2. packing after the holidays sounds like the sane thing to do. also a great time to declutter and pack - like after presents and such. although not sure what you guys do, forgot.

    ooh, citrus sage and lavender, sounds really good.

    your photos are wonderful. something about mugs next to the scrabble board makes it magic.

    do you have a mug fetish as well? lol

    "Mah-ahm, I left my manners in the underworld."
    wtf!??? LMAO

    i want this mug so bad i don't care that i join all your giveaways.
    i got rather disturbingly excited when i saw you say 'choose any mug'!!!!

    the dragonfly one without even going back to look!
    but i had to go measure what the ounces were.
    12 is plenty but looks like the dragonfly only is available in 12.
    i'll choose... the bicycle 12A016 ... for my nomad ways.

    love that 'soy' is a scrabble word for you guys.

    have a sweet weekend.

  3. I'm going to be making tea shortly :) Thanks for a super fun giveaway, I liked all of the mugs but my favorite is : ceramic joy mug 16oz stoneware 16C059--thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Those mugs!! Are utterly delightful.

  5. Ha. I said that before even realizing you were hosting a giveaway. The 20oz heart stonewear mug is so lovely. I have a thing about big earthy mugs like that. Xox

  6. I do love when you do these joy pockets and you mentioned the soap..that was the first blog post of yours that I read :).
    I love tea/coffee mugs and all of these are just beautiful, but my favorite is Dragonfly friends 16 oz. CC16C068.
    Have a fun weekend.

  7. blackbird, it's 20 oz which is perfect, but i'd choose a blackbird in any size. love me some corvids...

    i'm so curious about the underworld quote! can we have some backstory? sounds flipping hilarious.

    what a sweet giveaway... i like the sentiment behind it, it would be so nice to have tea with my blog ladies once in a while. :)

  8. I'm heels over head in love with that scrabble pic. Cozy perfection.
    and yay! What a generous giveaway.
    I love the black bird ceramic coffee mug 20oz stoneware 20D008.

  9. i love this, having tea with you sounds amazing. i love your teapot too, i've always admired those.
    i love mugs, but tend towards small ones. the shop you sent us to makes truly beautiful mugs in every size.
    i think i like this one best:
    .blue bird ceramic coffee mug 16oz stoneware 16A005
    but they are all super pretty. thank you for such a sweet giveaway (you make me want to give away too).
    have fun playing scrabble and enjoying your delicious sounding tea.

  10. I'm revisiting homemade soap making too! great minds- lol

    did a joy pockets this week- still crying. . . joy

  11. Oh... nice chat around a table full of tea mugs (and biscuits, cookies, and muffins...), that's perfect! Actually, that's what I went for instead of the usual bachelorette party. And it was the most perfect time with my girls.

    This store is full of beautiful things! Hard to choose just one, but I'll go for the bicycle coffee cup 12oz stoneware 12A016. Thank you for sharing this!

  12. What a cool give-a-way! You are so nice to do this for one of us. Decisions, decisions ... I love the mugs with kitties, but decided I really like black bird ceramic coffee mug 20oz stoneware 20D008. Something about that black bird calls to me! Thanks again!

  13. ceramic butterfly mug 16oz porcelain 16C062

    "remember the important things" - i believe is extremely appropriate! :)
    very sweet of you & fun too

    hope you do relax in the company of your family & soak up every minute during the holidays

    I am determined to come & hug you in person before you go off on your journey!!!

  14. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to play scrabble! We do love to make soap. I would love to learn how to make cold-processed soap, but lye is so caustic I'm not willing to risk it with 3 little ones. For now, we use the melt-and-pour shea butter base blended with herbs and essential oils. The house smells sooooo good when we have a day of soap making. :)

    WOW!!! These mugs are gorgeous. What a fabulous giveaway. Love the 16 oz heart mug.


  15. Oh my, that tea sounds delicious! Those are beautiful mugs...i like the 16 oz. dragonfly one. How exciting!

  16. yes, sink in and enjoy the holidays! march is a bit better weather wise for a move any way!! ahhhh, the mugs are so lovely! i love the bird pattern and the medium size is perfect!

  17. That is such a beautiful song!
    I love warming herbal teas this time of year!
    Have a beautiful weekend MJ:)

  18. I would savor the upcoming holiday season with your friends and family. Packing can most certainly wait until later.

    Your tea sounds quite delicious!

    And what a wonderful giveaway! I love the rustic feel these mugs have. I think kitty cat ceramic coffee mug 20oz stoneware 20D040 is my favorite. I have been looking for a replacement kitty mug and this one I saw first and was drawn to (I think it's the red!).

    Have a wonderful weekend, MJ!

  19. Such a beautiful mug! I honestly think things taste better out of homemade vessels...glad you decided to enjoy the holidays instead of scrambling. ;)

  20. I am super excited about your move. Len has some terrific mugs. I love that Day of the Dead mug on page one.
    I think your are wise to put off packing and enjoy the holidays. That soap looks like it smells good.

  21. So many wonderful things happening in this post! It is like you are in my brain picking my favorite things.
    First, love the picture of lavender and the thought of lavender, citrus & sage tea. One of my herbal loves is lavender. Hooray for scrabble! I do hope that you can enjoy the holidays without the worry of packing coming in. Sometimes it sneaks in when we least expect it. I hope that it can be a calm and joyous time for you and your family.
    Love that song! I got the free downloads. Thank you for introducing me to these amazing ladies! Yay!
    NUTELLA, OMG! Soapmaking - delightful.
    Wow, a giveaway! You are a sweetheart. If I do get picked, I like the 12 oz. ceramic floral mug (12A005). ;-)

  22. Ah, I love the bicycle cup and 12 oz. seems like just the right size. Tucson is the city of my birth, too :)

    I'm so glad to hear that you'll be able to relax and enjoy the holidays with family nearby. I've been thinking of you in what is sure to be a busy, time! M's quote cracked me up, and I'm reading from the coffee shop today, so I'm sure a few people wondered what the fuss was about ;) Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend! Thank you for the encouraging words regarding my Annabelle conundrum this week - I'm so grateful for you!

  23. Lovely moments as always MJ. Hope you have had a beautiful weekend. I will leave the giveaway for someone else to win, seems I was lucky enough to win a prize in your last giveaway. Good luck to everyone else. Jacinta x

  24. Lovely joy pockets..so lovely.
    What a kind giveaway. I love those mugs...my favourite would be the blackbird mug.
    Much love

  25. Oh I've missed reading your posts so much! Life has gotten so busy but coming back to your blog helps me to breath slowly and deeply. What a lovely giveaway too--such beautiful mugs, all of them. If I had my pickins, I'd choose the Artisan 12 oz mug (12A001).

  26. Aren't you the generous soul! I have really come to look forward to your posts...and no I am not saying that so you will put my name into the drawing hat twice.
    I heart the bicycle ceramic mug, 12 oz.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving fellow blogger friend,

  27. What a great giveaway. Love the desert tortoise mug 160z. Thanks!

  28. i love the floral design ceramic coffee mug 16oz stoneware 16C018.

    but more-so i just want to thank YOU for your generosity. i recently discovered your blog and feel like i've unearthed a rare treasure. <3

    happy thanksgiving!

  29. Wow what a beautiful and generous giveaway!! I think the cream butterfly design mug is lovely.... I only just stumbled across your blog so i feel a little bad entering a giveaway - Your space is really beautiful! Thank you

  30. I so need one of those mugs for my morning coffee :) Thankful you are having such a neat giveaway! My favorite is 16 oz. stoneware ceramic hearts mug.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  31. I think packing later after the holiday bustle is going to be a good move. And I still adore the pictures you take... always feels like I could reach out and touch the things. And yes, I am sitting here with a mug of coffee... it would be fun to sit and chat with you over a cup! Great artist and I'm a sucker for the one with the dog that's titled: ceramic dog mug 20oz stoneware 20D007

    Wishing you and your family a beautiful Thanksgiving!!

  32. really sorry I missed this giveaway! Hope you had a great holiday.

  33. Looking forward to wander around here. Catch you soon.


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