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Monday, November 28, 2011

Joy in pictures

Thanksgiving morning

I had to show my cranberries here, since they never made it to the Thanksgiving table.

I love restaurants (anyplace really) strung with lights...
Joy sprang here the past several days.  For Thanksgiving, I cooked turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and made cranberry sauce that never left the fridge (I hate that when that happens). I made chocolate chip cake (thanks Ivey) for the kids while we also had pumpkin pie and pear tartre. It was a fine day... bittersweet, too when talk eventually wandered around our leaving in three months. I felt it again, that familiar pang of sadness that keeps wanting to manifest. I have been doing a good job of keeping it at arm's length. This busy season helps anyway...

The rest of the weekend brought ping pong, hiking our favorite preserve (see the elf?) and collecting pinecones, movie watching, reading and knitting, lots of photography, meeting friends at parks, a friend's birthday party, restaurants, railroad walking, and then it ended yesterday with the annual outdoor holiday philharmonic concert.

Now we are working on getting back into the groove, if that's even possible with holiday excitement in the air. I am thinking about what to make, what to give, and I am thinking about some changes in this space again. I hope you've had a terrific weekend too and I look forward to stopping by your spaces soon....

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  1. hey lovely! good to be back and reading you again.

    you mean you forgot to take it out? i almost always do that with one thing. i try to think of it as a special treat that wanted only me (or our family) to itself. lol

    a great week.

    do you have space to be with that sadness for a bit?

  2. Ha, I did the same thing too only with the eggs!
    I miss the railroad walking. All of our railroads are being pulled up and then the paths are being turned into hiking trails, progress I guess. Still sad though.

  3. sounds like a wonderful week all around, i can't believe we are already into the holiday season, i am looking forward to lots of twinkly lights too, love those!

  4. The more twinkling lights ... the better!

  5. Glad you had a wonderful time. Lovely photos, they capture a lovely atmosphere.
    Try and freeze that cranberry sauce for Christmas!!!

  6. there is joy in these pictures indeed...
    i hope you keep that feeling at arm length forever. is no use.
    have a lovely week : )

  7. Your holiday looks like it was wonderful. I have been loving your macro shots too. I love the details.
    Hey I am digging that guys Piggy Wiggly shirt too. Awesome.

  8. I found the elf....finally! Great hat! We did not forget anything but my mashed potatoes were not hot enough from traveling and reheating. I ate them with gusto anyways.

  9. i know your sadness. i have it every time - even now leaving here when i know we'll be so happy once we're back in california. i find this so peculiar. it must be change. but, key biscayne has found a place in my heart for sure. it's a great place to live.

  10. great great great great photos.
    you are rocking!
    all iphone?
    If so, I want a lesson.

  11. What a lovely weekend, and the photos!! Love them all. :)

    I always enjoy railroad walking, and outdoor concerts. They're done for now, since the cold weather is here. Makes me appreciate them when they return.

  12. Beautiful photos, MJ! Sounds like a great weekend! You should just let the little sadness come and go whenever and however it shows up. It should immediately be followed by the excitement of what's to come!

    I look at these photos and think, "she is really coming far", not that you weren't always good but they just keep getting better and better. That first one -- look for one of me like that soon. I've got my eye on one of those cameras and see it in my VERY NEAR future.


  13. LOVE that first photo. You're rockin' the photography thing, girl! Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving. Hugs to you as you keep looking toward your exciting adventures ahead!

  14. I love your photos. and I envy the climate you live in ;)

  15. There was one year my sister and I had a bit too much wine while cooking and forgot all the veggies! That year we just had turkey and mashed potatoes. Years later, we still talk about it while putting out the food on Thanksgiving Day.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. love this! We want to meet you at the park one day . . . sooooon!

  17. love seeing you behind the camera! i think we've all had years where things haven't made it to the table but it sounds like your thanksgiving was a success anyway :)

  18. Glad to hear your Thanksgiving was a happy one. Enjoyed the pictures. Impressive dinner spread, even with the forgotten cranberries. By some strange fluke I only had to make squash this year, and yet we were still running late.

  19. Looks like you had a great weekend. Love seeing those polaroids!They are so incredible, aren't they? This is the link to my new blogspot, I'm putting yours in my sidebar right now. Keep in touch sweetie!http://veronicaslifeinpictures.blogspot.com/

  20. certainly full days! Perfect for postponing thoughts over leaving. Maybe too perfect : )


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