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Friday, December 9, 2011

Joy Pockets and a Moment

It's been quite the cathartic week this week. Going within and exposing unhealthy thinking may not be the most "fun" thing to do, but it's invaluable, and ultimately necessary if we want to claim peace. Thanks for all your kind words regarding "Ego's grip". Balance is a beautiful thing, but being unbalanced and walking with woe for awhile, is just as important :).

Joy Pockets with Monica today

piping hot chocolate in Santa mugs

crispy 50 degree mornings

the soothing Kinfolk Vol. 2
video promo (with knitting in it!!)

grounding words from a wise friend

a sweet gift from Emily

adorable stitch markers

Gathering items for a releasing ceremony for Solstice (via Mandy)

the arrival of Earth by Amy

precious alone time with the boy,
who wanted to spend it
 shopping for his little sister--
(drip...drip... I oozed from a melting heart)

boys in trees

and This Moment with Amanda

I hope you have a beautiful weekend friends!!


  1. Aaaahhhh, beautiful moments. Thank you for sharing MJ.xoxo

  2. The hat in the first photo looks great! I bet you were so proud of your child thinking of his sibling :) I love the holidays, it tends to bring out the best in us.

  3. lovely.
    aw, sweet kiddo.

    yep, the unbalanced are so uncomfortable, but how would we know a state of balance without them. ;)

    ooh, you went with the owl. :)

  4. hey hey! my Christmas cactus is blooming, too and it’s a balmy 0 degrees here! their internal clock must be quite steady! love the mugs and one of my favorite things in the world is alone time with one kid! sound like your week has been rich.

    have a lovely weekend and ENJOY that warm winter while you got it!!!!

  5. loving your pictures. so perfect. looks like the winters we get here on the coast of ca... not wintry at all but we try to make it what we can. still bundling, still drinking cocoa, still warming by the fire when it's all of 65 degrees outside :)

  6. amazing photos as always, especially love that top one! Have a great weekend MJ!

  7. It is so wonderful to raise thoughtful siblings. My children are each others best friends and that just fills me with love.
    Your Christmas cactus is beautiful.

  8. lots of beautiful moments this week. your christmas cactus is beautiful - both of mine are in bloom and this is always a good thing :)

  9. Boys and trees - my favorite of photos and such a great title. Have a fabulous weekend.

  10. Oh what amazing pictures MJ!!!
    I'm so glad it has been a cleansing week for you.
    Sending much love, have a great weekend :)

  11. Lovely joy pockets and your moment capturing the Winter Cactus (that is what they are know as here) is just lovely. I have one that has bright pink flowers. Happy weekend to you and your lovely family. Jacinta x

  12. Love that first photo and the one with all the kids in the tree! Just checked out the releasing ceremony...sounds kind of wonderful.

    Have a great weekend, MJ!


  13. Gorgeous photos and thank you for sharing the concept of the Releasing Ceremony, I feel incredibly drawn to that. Hannah x

  14. I love that photo of the kids in the tree. Gorgeous moment.

    I'm getting ready too for a Releasing Ceremony with Pixie Campbell and SouLodge. A lot of shadow work to prepare, and that is never lovely!

  15. Ah, you are such a wise and beautiful soul. I would love to sit and sip on a mug of hot chocolate with you. And your heart-melting experience with the boy ... so sweet :)

  16. basically what she said. (the commenter above.)
    Can not make better on it.
    Loving that first photo.
    You really need to break with some photo secrets here....

  17. I wish I had a Santa mug. I think hot cocoa must taste so much more heavenly in one. I'm really excited about the Solstice and having my own personal releasing ceremony.

    Your boy...omg, how sweet is he?!?!

  18. what tracey said. exactly. such a blessing. have a lovely weekend mj with those sweetie children of yours. xo

  19. Such wonderful moments.. thank you for sharing them!

  20. beautiful- love the boys in trees! (of course) Not even surprised that your boy chose to shop for his little sister - he has love and respect & putting others first modeled for him on a regular basis :)


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