"We are all wanderers on this earth...our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams." ~ Gypsy proverb

Monday, January 16, 2012


Here this weekend, this house was full. Friends and family, boys and girls, food and cake, music and wine, laughter and smiles wandered within these walls for one last party, one last time.  A very happy girl finally had her chance to celebrate her 7th, only to make her mother's heart leap with passing words of "Best birthday EVER!"

Sunday brought a stillness meant for watching the sun rise and fall. This house faces south, which means I know exactly where and when the sun's rays blanket through the halls. I watched for it, and kindly, it waited for me...

The rabbit on the old desk was created in a bear shop shortly after my daughter was born. It was a gift I thought would hold a high spot in the girl's life, just as a now raggedy bear does in the boy's. But I was wrong, the rabbit never got to play that role for the girl, at least not that girl. I understand now that we can't really choose what we become attached to, it chooses us. Soft and gentle, the moment I held this rabbit I knew I was going to bring her home. I just didn't realize then that she was meant for me.

Here, there was reading, there was knitting, and there was a documentary called "I Am" where a changed man ponders our connectedness to each other and to our planet...Nothing new, but inspiring and thoughtful nonetheless.

I hope your weekend was full, and bright....


Weekending with Amanda...


  1. love the rabbit story. love the peace felt in your words, your pictures. have a great week mj!

  2. I am so glad there was a party for your beautiful 7 year old and that it was the best birthday ever!
    I think you and I have the same desk!
    I hope you are having a good Monday MJ and the week just get better!

  3. lovely thoughts from the weekend. Do I spy an instant photo there in that post? Lovely colors and shadows, very dreamy!

  4. So glad your sweet girl had a wonderful day! Seven is such a magical age :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Rabbits have good medicine. They teach us to go forward with positive anticipation, and bring us luck in future endeavors. They also teach us to overcome our fears as we take a conscious leap into new territory. Hug that bunny up as you journey into a new territory.

    So glad she had the best birthday ever. It wouldn't have been, unless everything happened the way it did. Much love to you friend!

  6. I really like that little story about the rabbit - it's so true, but I never really thought about it... Happy belated birthday to your little girl, it's so lovely when they have great parties at that age. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Have a lovely week, bisous xo

  7. She finally got her party! I take to mean all are healthy - a beautiful thing! I'm sure there are many more best birthdays ever in her future, but for now this one holds a special place.

  8. happy birthday to your beautiful girl, seven is such a lovely age. i love waiting for the sun to find me too.

  9. what a joyful and uplifting post, happy birthday to your girl! That documentary sounds interesting, i'll have to see i i can get hold of it. x

  10. Looks like a glorious weekend indeed. This was my work weekend so the rest of the family went skiing. Happy birthday to your girl!

  11. Sounds lovely! Where did you find the documentary? Can you send me a link? I would like to watch...

  12. Happy birthday!! So happy that she got her party, better late than never :) Love the knitting-looks super!

  13. Looks like you're off to your first chilly weather sweater, huh?! Nice and I look forward to seeing it. Isn't it amazing that we can't choose what our little love? Love how you said it was meant for you, and I do believe it looks on in awe of you and your power for love of family and love of words and love of images...

  14. sweet. happy birthday to Miss 7.
    glad you watched the movie.
    i agree. it wasn't groundbreaking but a sweet say on interconnectedness
    I am also told there is a joseph campbell doc. that is supposed to be amazing...from the same person who told me about 'i am".

  15. I love me some rabbit medicine. The golden light shifting through the window. Feels like an ending blessing to your time there.
    also sounds like a perfect ending to your daughter's chapter in Florida. I remember my 'best birthday EVER!' as I'm sure she will. :)

  16. So true - about how what we attach to chooses us. Your little rabbit is so sweet!


  17. "we can't really choose what we become attached to, it chooses us"


    glad for her, and you, that it went so well. your eye + polaroid = yum

  18. A fun & soft weekend. MMMmmm.

  19. So happy she was finally able to have her party!! :)

    Sweet rabbit. My oldest didn't have any attachments. My second still has her puppy, a girl that she named "Charlie", and my son has his blanket. Both chosen by themselves.

  20. Good getting caught up with you.
    So glad that you and the birthday girl, and it sounds like a whole lot of other people, had such a good weekend.
    Your sharing of tapping into a wild side by exploring outside at night with your children is so inspiring. It reminds me of a favorite childhood memory, when on warm summer nights my brother and I and our two neighbors would play hide and go seek in the dark, spanning our three yards. Being in the country our 3 yards covered over an acre. A few times my husband and I have given into lurking childhood passions and have played in the yard with our kids at night.
    You are right. It does feel sharper and more exquisite somehow. I shall have to tuck that reminder away, and maybe if we ever get a more temperate snowy evening this winter, do some night-time snow tag with the girls.

  21. happy birthday little one! and colorado knits on the way i see. snuggly!

  22. congratulations to your 7 yearold!
    the way you describe quietness and life between sunrises and sunsetts is magical
    the way you said at things actually choose us, is something i never thought of before...

  23. 7 is a magical number. For your gal - a magical year!

  24. thank you for your lovely comment! i really love france, the landscapes are unique and the atmosphere is particular! hope to have all the details about your trip!
    nice to meet you

  25. Definitely, the things we end up loving the most are the ones that choose us.

  26. I have that SAME rabbit! A gift from my husband years ago in college.

  27. I have that SAME rabbit! A gift from my husband years ago when we were in college.


“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw