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Monday, March 5, 2012

Austin, TX

First I want to say thank you for sharing in this journey with me. I read your comments and know that I am missing much of what's happening in your corners. I do apologize for neglecting you!! I will be back as soon as our dust trail settles.

There is no better way to describe the impression that Austin has left on us other than vivid, vibrant, and energetic. What a fantastic city. Like an unexpected fling, Austin took us for a spin, enamored us and delighted us, flaunting its delectable culture of food, style, and people. From its hills of mountain laurels, the hidden yet busy hike and bike trails, to its independently hip stores perfectly balanced with vintage, antique and bohemian flavors, a day and a half is not long enough for a love affair with Austin, TX. Fortunately, we had an amazing guide. Wally, a 78 year old former mentor and teacher of my husband's, had our visit planned literally from the moment we hopped out of our car on Friday afternoon, to the moment we climbed back in on Sunday morning. To say he had an agenda was an understatement. Wally, a wanderer himself having criss-crossed this country 65 times, splits his time between Stowe, Vermont and Austin. He is a naturalist, hiking and biking enthusiast, and all around cultural and historical encyclopedia. We were in good hands.

It began with an hour and a half hike in the urban hills of south Austin, over rocks, creeks, and wildflowers, taking us to cliffs and overlooks worthy of any popular mountain range.

The history museum and an IMAX film on the "The Story of Texas", the art museum, a sculpture museum, a walking tour of downtown Austin...

A stop at the toy store "Toy Joy", just for fun...

And then there was Boomerang's, where I had the best curry veggie pie ever...A great concept of only selling meat and veggie pies. Can anyone say "franchise", please?

Wally has a sweet tooth, so he made sure he took us to try two of his most favorite blueberry pies in the country, both vegan, both sinfully delicious.

Banjo players on the streets, peacocks wandering in gardens, stores like Uncommon Objects full of found items I could fill my home with, and people exercising, loving the outdoors, loving the city that they live in, absolutely everywhere. I know we had just enough of a taste of Austin to force us to look over our shoulders with one last, longing glance that shouts "until we meet again ..."

We have hit the road again since Austin, and several hours and miles later we are now in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Santa Fe is next, and I can't wait since everyone keeps telling us how amazing Santa Fe is. I will let you know :).


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  1. Sounds like you're having an amazing time! Very happy for you ;-) That Banjo player looks very cool - absolutely not what I'd imagine a banjo player to look like... Have a lovely week xo

  2. austin is a blast and has always been a fave place to visit. and santa fe...so lucky you are. i grew up in abq and spent ample time in santa fe - enjoy!!! can't wait to see what you think of it :)

  3. cool! i've heard so many good things about austin. the curry pies and the vegan blueberry pies are a lure enough for me! : ) cool pics mj. have fun!

  4. beeeauuutiful shot of the road.

    wow, you've totally sold austin to me! lol

    wally is a superstar. what a difference it makes having someone like that show you the place they love.

    and envious of both pies!

  5. What a fantastic tour!! Austin sounds like an amazing city.

    I love how you're taking these detours, seeing what this beautiful country has to offer, instead of heading straight to your final destination. So much fun!!!

    Safe travels! Can't wait to read more. :)

    1. and, I hope I'm as vibrant and full of life at 78 as Wally is!

  6. I'm loving how you're taking us along on your adventure. I had a feeling you'd like Austin. Santa Fe - I lived there for a year. Loved it but was also very ready to leave when I did. Lemon souffle at The Shed, anything at Cafe Pasqual's. Keep having fun!

  7. I love this trip you are taking on your way home and feel so blessed that you are sharing it with us. I lurve Austin! I lived there for a few months and just hated to leave. I suppose you didn't make it to Hippie Hollow for a skinny dip with all that you did. You had the most amazing tour guide; he rocks. I am so glad you are having a blast! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the beautiful photos of Austin! The pies sound delicious and too bad they are not calorie free, right? I hope you keep having safe travels.

  9. You are a darling to share, I feel I am coming along in your pocket! Love all the things you did in Austin, and those pies! You are right! We ate them all the way through new zealand. Yum!

  10. I think that you have done Austin plenty of justice in your words and photos. It looks like it was a wonderful visit.

    Happy traveling MJ!

  11. Greg and I are dying to check out Austin! Seems like such a cool town. Thanks for sharing your journey w/ us here, such fun!

  12. Ojo Caliente is north of Santa Fe (2 hours-ish) off of 285. Amazingly beautiful little hot springs if you're up for the detour.

  13. I have been so busy of late that I am barely checking in with anyone! I have to go back when I get a minute and read the rest of your journey posts! If you have had as much fun in other cities as you did in Austin, you are having an amazing trip! Blessings, friend!

  14. Your images capture the creative beauty and astounding energy of Austin. I LOVE Austin after a wedding in Texas hill country (Wimberly) when our oldest was tiny. I'm convinced there's no other place like it, like all along Texas has kept this great secret. So happy you're loving your journey. I can't wait to hear where you end up next.

  15. What a wonderful tour of Austin. Meat pies are certainly very 'Australian'. Every bakery over here has their own version. Hope you find lots of other great places on your travels. Jacinta

  16. Wow! Sounds like a wonderful fling there with Austin...so glad that your journey is truly a journey with so much depth and love and discover. As it should be.

  17. Now I yearn for Austin even more. OH Wally, what a joy you seem! Glad you are having fun MJ! SOAK IT IN!

  18. Oh! this Uncommon Object place... I can actually live in there!!!


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