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Friday, May 4, 2012

Thorns, roses, and giveaways

Keeping it real with Monica...

leftover coughs

not enough storage space!!

no rain

fear of new (to me) hairdressers

more annoying school rules that bother the defiant unschooler in my kids and me

Meditative breathing to soothe said annoyances with school rules, accepting that life is full of similar rules of jumping hoops, making us more agile and tolerant, I hope....

walking 6 new dogs this morning, with 2 jumping in my lap for cuddles..

overcoming my fear of new hairdressers and walking out with content

happy, healthy kids

hikes in beautiful spaces

having time to read :)

tickets to the Avett Brothers in June--YES!!

And lastly, giveaways for YOU!!! I am long overdue for having a giveaway. It's the best way for me to say "thank you" to my friends and readers that come here with unconditional kindness, patience, and supportiveness. My postings have been so spotty that I am always pleasantly surprised to see the warm words left for me here regardless. So thank you, truly...

I am giving away three different items in hopes that at least one will appeal to the varying tastes that you all have.

1) A Drop Spindle Kit made by Nistock Farms. It comes in a basket filled with 8 ounces each of 4 different colors of roving, a drop spindle, and instructions on how to use the drop spindle.

2) Two stoneware mugs with vintage flowers and in perfect condition found at a local thrift shop. They are solid and have a very nice weight to them.

3) The Usborne Book of Drawing, Doodling, and Coloring, a brand new book that I meant to giveaway before we moved and just never found the time. My daughter and I both enjoyed using this book so much, I know you and or someone you know will too!

So there you have it, 3 different giveaways for 3 different winners. You can enter for all three or you can enter for less, just be sure to let me know in the comments for which you are entering. I will randomly choose a winner for each next Friday.

Cheers to each of you my friends, and thanks again for all that you are and do.

Have a gorgeous weekend...



  1. Oh I am so glad there are some roses among the thorns. School rules-ugh. Ours aren't too bad or maybe I have been ignoring them. Spotty or not, I love stopping by. What a sweet giveaway too! Hmm perhaps we'll go for the unknown-the spindle. :)
    Hope those coughs get all the way better soon and have a fab weekend!

  2. i'd love the doodle book!

    also i haven't had my hair cut in over a year because my stylist left town. i feel your pain but i am so glad you went and had a good experience...gives me a bit of courage!

  3. Always nice to *see* you. Moving and getting used to new surroundings take some time. Take your time! Everything is new and different ... a new adventure. My god-kids are moving to NC and I told them that they are young and can have these adventures -- try to enjoy it! School rules ... well.....!!!! I sure understand not enough storage space! I'd love The Usborne Book of Drawing, Doodling, and Coloring. I remember when you first posted about this book and I tried ordering a copy and was told *it's not available*! I promise to give it a good home! (Coughing ... you moved from lots of humidity to the dry ... it may take awhile to get used to the change and you might have to add humidity to your living space!) Hugs--

  4. Ooooh. Those fibers look yummy. And I know a certain Elf who desperately wants a drop spindle of his own.

    You know, I haven't been to a hairdresser in.. oh.. years. I cut my hair and my boys' hair at home. (:

  5. Looks like you have plenty of company when it comes to hairdressers because I haven't been to one in years either. I put my hair in a ponytail on top of my head and trim it myself.
    Glad you are feeling better and hope all the school rules aren't to bothersome.
    I would love a chance to win the drop spindle, I had one awhile ago and gave it to a friend since she really wanted it. But I really want to learn how to spin myself!

  6. I do enjoy popping by to see what you have to say in this space :) I would love to enter your giveaway for either the drop spindle or the doodle book. Thanks so much!

  7. My kids have always been in public school but I'll tell you, now that my youngest is in 5th grade, I have had more trouble with the teachers and the admin than I have ever had before with the 3 oldest kids. I think they are forgetting that they are dealing with children. It makes me sad because I loved elementary school...but then we lived in another town back then.

  8. You have such wonderful words it is always a joy to come here to read. Would love the drop spindle kit or the doodle book.

  9. hi lovie!
    I do miss, you. I can not tell a lie.
    I get it about the school. If my daughter didn't love it so very much...I would be a lot more irritated, I'm sure.
    Don't feel like you need to count me for the giveaway. I've already won one of yours!
    I look forward to hearing more about how this move is settling for you.

  10. lol..oh, i hear the school thing. we were unschoolers until my daughter (9 yo) decided she wanted to go to school. it's hard to bite one's tongue on the more ridiculous rules/notions they have there...although it does spark some interesting discussions...;)

    love that pic...the road to Everywhere...

    it's very cheeky of me, seeing as how i'm only just de-lurking (found you via Monica) but that doodle book is right up my little girl's alley...:)

    have a beautiful weekend...


  11. I love the mugs :) So count me in! Glad the coughs are going away I hope for good this week!!

  12. A friend has promised to teach me to spin, the spindle would be perfect!

  13. I was on a journey to be a hairdresser, it got hindered through pregnancies and babies, but I also learned I didn't like the pressure of creating someone's dream hair (us women are funny about our hair) The doodle book looks like so much fun, I promise to share it with my kids ;) Happy weekend MJ.

  14. School rules...grrr! My girls' have a new principal along with new rules. This year we've had many "wtf?" moments. Not enough storage space has always been a problem for me. :(

    Yay for healthy, happy kids!! Avett Brothers - very jealous. Hope you have a fantastic time. :)

    I love doodling!

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  16. Stumbled across your blog today... love reading your thoughts! If you chose me for the drop spindle or doodle book, I'd be happy ; )

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  18. I'd love to enter for both the doodling book & the mugs. :)

    I'm glad that you were able to walk out of your new hairdresser's place with contentment..... having moved many times, I know this fear all too well, hehe.

  19. Oh, if only we could have the roses without the thorns...

    What wonderful giveaways -- I love them all, but especially the doodle book.

  20. Blessings to you...
    The doodle book would be fabulous. xxx

  21. i am so glad you are getting settled in! i get the school rule business, we are always agog at the silliest of rules and try to disarm them a bit. that said we are looking closely at keeping the kids home two days a week next year. which the schools will just LOVE, i'm sure. not sure how yet but working towards it! bless your heart on the new hairdresser. that's tough! mine talks way too much and it always feels like such an EFFORT to be present when i just want to slip away...so i'm secretly shopping around and it's no fun. glad to see you back more, i missed you and eagerly awaited your news!

    all 3 things are just lovely! the spindle would be fun for summer camp, the mugs are darling and the book is awesome!

  22. awwwwww...so sweet of you! How could one choose...all are so lovely! I have a drop spindle that I've yet to figure out how to use, Lovin' those mugs, and of course the book looks tons of fun. It's a bummer you don't come with the mugs for a cup of tea and some chat time:) I'd love that!


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