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Sunday, May 6, 2012


I'm having trouble starting this post. I had started to write about our little neighbor's birthday party we attended, and then maybe mention the rock sculptures the kids made in a river bed, or the many times I arranged and rearranged my books, but these things are not what I am reflecting on right now.

What I am reflecting on is the Mom's luncheon I attended with about 15 other moms from my children's school today. It was just a casual get-together, a way for us to get to know each other, connect, share information. Honestly, I almost changed my mind about going, but then that is typical for me. The nerves start and the butterflies roll--still, after all these years, I get rattled at these kind of functions. I knew that I would be the new kid, which was reason enough to go. But, that same kid in me would rather dive underneath the covers and hide with a good book instead.

Yes, I am an introvert, but because I've become accustomed to knowing that discomfort can lead to growth, I went. And as usual, I am so glad I did :). I met mamas that like to knit, and some that like to sew. I met other moms that may want to hike regularly with me, and even met a mom that had moved from Florida a couple years ago. Yes, I am glad I went, but I won't say that it was easy. It's been a long while since I have been around that many women, and that many women that were strangers. I have to tell you a secret though.  As good as today turned out to be, I still prefer the company of children, especially my own. Maybe that will change.........

Naaaaagggghhh, probably not :). Hope you had a fine weekend....

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  1. I totally get it. There have been many times when I've turned invitations down, because the nerves and anxiety of being around people can be too much. And, for some reason, it's worse when it's all women. *shrugs* There have been times when I force myself to go and have had a nice time, but it's always nicest when it's time to return to my comforting home and loving, non-judgmental children. :)

    Sounds like you met some lovely women.

  2. Oh, MJ. This is such a touching post. I know EXACTLY what you mean about preferring my kids' company!! I know what you mean about nerves, and newness and trying to face things outside your comfort zone. I love your awareness, and how you recognise and love yourself. And I really love how you take yourself places that make you glad. Beautiful. :)

  3. Sounds like a nice weekend. Love your photos. Hope your week is just as nice!

  4. This is exactly the lesson that I've been learning, as well--the need to go out into the world and do those things that my introverted self fears. I'm learning to enjoy it a little more every day, but always filled with happiness as I arrive home. No kids yet, but I'm certain that I'll feel the same as you someday. I'm glad that your day ended up going well and that you were able to meet other moms with similar interests. Thanks for sharing such personal thoughts. It's comforting.

  5. MJ, I am exactly the same.
    I am an introvert and meeting in big groups where I am the "newbie" is always nervewracking for me.
    I am so glad you found some kindred spirits and hopefully newfound friends too.
    Love your pictures!

  6. I hear you. I have to force myself to do things like that, too. I know it's always for the better if I overcome my introvert tendencies temporarily, but it never seems to become easier. it's a mini struggle every time. glad you went. and glad you met such nice people xx

  7. Me too MJ, me too! Even with all the military moves and having to start an new school every year I never got use to being the 'new kid', makes my stomach queasy just thinking about it! Maybe that's way I like were I live so much now because it's just me and my family. The only advice I can pass on to you as a Mom with older children is be prepared, they grow up and eventually move out, then you are home trying to fill the time. :(
    I am so glad you went to the luncheon and met some women, it sounds like you have really connected with your new home. Much love!

  8. I know the feeling too - so well. I'm glad you stepped out of your comfort zone, and opened up new friendship channels. It's difficult to put our (introverted) selves out there.
    I'm also kind of loving how you spend your days with the kids - making rock sculptures at the river bed. There's a part of me that wants us (my child & I) to be outside more - and this activity would make my girl so happy.
    ~Enjoy your week!

  9. I always get anxious with social affairs but it is usually after I get home and re run the conversations. I don't know why. I'm thrilled you have made some friends and who knows one or two of them might be sister friends in the end :)

  10. You know, I was stretching and pushing and putting myself out there to go to events with other women before Annabelle was born. Once she came, I found the perfect excuse to stay home and avoid the dreaded awkwardness these evening involved for me! It's wonderful when it works out well, and leaves you feeling happy you went, though. It sounds like there are some wonderful potential friends, but I don't expect you'll grow to prefer any of them to the company of those beautiful children, however.

  11. Unless it's my besties, I share your secret. :) This post came at a wonderful time for me. I've been revisiting an invitation that's been waiting for a reply, leaning toward staying in the quiet (or loud) safety of my home. Maybe I should just go...

  12. Oh I know the feeling. And I, too often opt for the quiet of home.
    I hope you enjoy this rain we're having today. It's a rare thing around here and I celebrate every last drop that falls.

  13. right there with you honey! i'd much prefer to be with my kids doing whatever it is we do than dressed up in a room full of strangers. you were brave though and you sounds like you made some connections...will be curious to see how those grow :)

  14. I enjoy times like that in little moments, but I too love to be with my kiddos. A great day might include one other mom and their kids.

  15. I understand, MJ! Sometimes even getting motivated to hang out with girls who are actually my friends causes discomfort. I want to stay in my routine so much (or I think I do) that I resent having to step out of it. But like what happened to you, I'm always glad I did.


  16. I am so glad you met some like-minded mamas. and I know just what you mean -- when I moved here I was so scared, so shy to venture out. it took so much energy to strike up a conversation. but now, it seems like so long ago I can hardly remember it. but yes, it's so good to step forward. you never know who's going to enter into your life for good the moment you say hello.

  17. girl- I am hell anti-social and there is nothing more that I hated when my kids were really little than all those silly "mama and me" things.
    I embrace the fact that I'm just not "that mom."
    And i love that mom, because she does what she does SOOO well.
    I'll be with you, sipping tea and being more private.
    Our kids can play together.

  18. I think that there are more introverts than people are letting on. Even the word: intro-vert...sounds like a mental disorder. Perhaps we women have believed for so many years that only the strange and reclusive would not want to be at social event, and so we keep going. Thought, it seems going was a good thing for you. I myself am bailing on a big deal mother/daughter event that my friend is the coordinator of, and my sister and niece are singing at...yep still not going! {i tried to explain that when stressed i simply can't be around large groups of yaking women} And then just last week at a bridal shower, after being in a crowded livingroom with way too many smiling women and small talk, headed outside to shoot basketball hoops with the kids.
    Dang, this is a long comment..sorry...never comment with two glasses of wine in ya. Wanted to tell ya I just got "Hold on to your kids" at the library, and if you check my profile at goodreads you will see I have the book "quiet" a book about introverts in my to-read list. I really wanna read that one.
    Sorry for long ass comment

  19. Hi, I happened on your blog by reading your comment on another blog and had to become a follower when I read your "weekending" post. I love to hike as well, and I get uncomfortable in social situations too. I usually prefer my own family and a good book to going out to social events. I am wondering where your lovely photos were taken...looks a little like somewhere in Utah or Colorado. Very nice. I would love to go on a nice hike right now, but I live in Arizona (Phoenix) and it's just too warm even now for any serious hiking, other than in the very early morning. Thanks for the post. I look forward to reading more.

  20. i live in the same town i grew up in and have these same issues. i despise situations like that but am so glad it worked out for you.

    stretching=growing and i guess you never know who or what will fall into your lap when you put it out there.

    this is definitely something i need to learn.

    the truth is, i've always felt most comfortable with the 70-80 year old set.


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