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Friday, May 11, 2012

Up, down and all around

Holy cow!!! Another week has flown by! Hubs looked at me yesterday and said "is it me, or is time just disappearing?" Busy is as busy does...

Okay, so it is completely in my nature to not rest until my house is well nested.  So I am happy to announce that the boxes have been cleared, the house is getting settled and it's starting to feel like home around here. I am beginning to get use to the deer walking around the neighborhood, 60 degrees doesn't feel that cold to me anymore, and helping the kids' get ready for school every morning is becoming routine. I am in an upswing and it feels good :).

Joining Monica for Keeping it Real...


a case of the grumps, you know, when nothing appears to be wrong but you feel like crap anyway?
dropping a heavy piece of wood on my foot and a big fat bruise to follow
surveying what I am selling in the garage sale and all I see is what I am wasting
eating ice cream before bedtime, then waking up in the middle of the night with a stomach ache
battle of wills over my son's super long hair that covers his beautiful eyes and that he refuses to cut
feeling shitty for not being able to visit your spaces more often

(okay I know this is getting into a drug reference here but please know I don't use drugs)

a house nearly finished (a sneak peek)

a big empty wall waiting to be filled--but with what?

the funky chair that makes me smile
lovely magazines sent to me by a sweet friend
Mother's day surprises in the mail from my thoughtful MIL

Roses in my garden blooming
The $25 antique dresser I found on Craig's List, refinished (pictures next week :)
A BBQ with new friends tomorrow
The kids are I are going to France in TWO weeks!!!!!
And congratulations to the winners for the giveaway:

Nikole at Verdemama for the Spindle Kit
Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise for the mugs
and Mel at the Drafty Garret for the Doodle Book
(Please email me your addresses ladies!)

Wishing you a grand weekend friends, and a Happy Mother's Day to
all the mamas!!



  1. I love your living space MJ, it is beautiful. And your chair is so very pretty. I wish it was in the 60's here, I must say I am totally envious!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. *squeeeee*

    yay for me and the doodle book...okay, yay for my girl-child..which is yay for me by proxy!! thank you SO much!!

    let me tell ya -- i am holding tightly onto your beautifully unpacked house as i wallow in the inbetween of our 3/4 packed old house and our under-mega-painting new digs and wonder if omigod will this be over soon?!?!

    thanks again!!


  3. Oh MJ your space looks gorgeous! I've got to go work on mine now, we've been in this house 7 years and I think I still have some boxes:)

  4. i can't believe you'll be so close and yet so FAR!!!!!!!!!!

    the room looks beautiful and so so settled. i can feel your sense of relief from here, lol.
    and what a fab room, with that high ceiling and lots of light too.

    so glad to hear how you're on an upseeing and that you all seem to be into your groove there.

    have fab weekend, enjoy your bbq!

  5. It looks as if your house is coming together beautifully. I love those living room windows. And FRANCE in two weeks?! SWEET!

    Happy Weekend!

  6. France! Wow! Oh and a new dresser! That is too much. I can't wait to see the dresser and read all about your visit to France. Your house looks fabulous too!

  7. Wait. You're going to France in two weeks??! I am so very envious. How long will you be staying?

    p.s. Your living room is beautiful! Can't wait to see what you put on that wall.


    1. Yes!! We are very excited. We are meeting my MIL there and will be staying for 3 weeks. Orleans first, then Paris.

  8. You are going to FRANCE? since when???? Wow!! Oh and I will send you my email...thanks for the giveaway :)

    1. It's been in the works since before we moved, but because of the move I hadn't been able to think too much about it until now. And congrats on the giveaway! You will love those mugs!

  9. Your living room is gorgeous and is the perfect shade of taupe-y tan. Do you mind sharing the paint color?

    Swoooon - France! I've been longing for another visit. Have a fantastic time!

  10. ...and a cool textile might look great on that wall!

  11. Thanks for the tip Barbara, I haven't thought of textiles...And the wall that you speak of, you mean the back wall right? It's Benjamin Moore, Driftwood :).

    1. Yes, thank you so much! I love Ben Moore paints, and that color (and the accent color) are perfect in your space.

      Happy Mom's Day!

  12. well well... i think there were more uppers than downers my friend. and the fact that you are going to france in two weeks, well come on. that should always bring you back up!!! things are coming together for you mj! i'm so happy. your home is lovely.

  13. Oh, the grumps. They visit here once in a while. It's always a relief when the leave. :)

    Such a great space!!! Can't wait to see the finished dresser. Have a great time at the BBQ!! Happy Mama's Day!

  14. let's plan a hike!!! and soon!!!

  15. I'm so happy to hear that things are getting more settled for you. And just in time for a trip to Europe, too!? How exciting!

    I absolutely love that sneak peek of your space. It's perfect! I'd like to have you out to visit me in our new house so that you can help me decorate! ;)

  16. looking really awesome MJ! and Europe? how doubly awesome! can't wait to read about that!!!
    What about some vintage mirrors on that wall? Things like that are always good in threes.
    Loving the modern chairs!

  17. I love your room. It is funky, quirky and cosy all at the same time. Beautiful!
    Have a really wonderful time in France! What a lovely thing to look forward too :)
    Have a great weekend.

  18. Sorry about your foot :(
    But your place looks AWESOME. Way to go! Oh I hope you have so much fun in France I know you will. Can't wait to see the pictures and hear the tales. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. xo

  19. your home looks gorgeous, well done there, paid off in the end.

    happy mother's day, hope you found a bit of me time.

    glad to hear you are settling in and BON VOYAGE!!

  20. Wow, France!! How incredible, I know you will enjoy it. I love your space and the funky chair. :) xo

  21. Love love love the pictures of your home -- I can't believe how much you have accomplished is such a little time!

    Such a happy place it seems to be. :)


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