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Monday, June 4, 2012

Ce week-end

A weekend full. Friday was
strolling the street markets,
around the cafés,
through the boutiques and specialty shops
(do you see the sugar?!),
on the carousel, 
trying chocolates and ice cream,
and having crêpes for dinner....

Saturday was the magnificent Sainte-Croix cathedral,
the statues of Jean D'Arc 
revered all over Orleans.
A neighborhood garage sale
with tiny treasures for the kids,
and collectible tin cans for me,
ending with a very hot and slow
1.5 hour boat ride on the Loire river.

And Sunday brought
a quieter, slower day,
under cloud cover and in the garden,
surrounded by flowers,
the vegetables, herbs, the birds, butterflies and snails.
My favorite part was the rose garden
where the aroma was so strong,
I felt like I was floating.

Sometimes it feels like
saying "thank you"
won't ever be enough
for all that passes by...


Weekending with Amanda....


  1. wonderful! and that little water mill, where is that? how enticing.
    the kids look very happy.

  2. It's at the Parc Floral de la Source, by the rose garden :).

  3. wonderful pics!!! keep them coming!

  4. MJ, it is all so beautiful! I can only imagine how wonderful the tastes of all the delectable foods are and the smell of all those roses at once must have been magical. Keep the photos coming!

  5. Gorgeous photos of your weekend!! Hope you are enjoying yourself!

  6. Lucky find in the tin cans! Sounds like the boat ride was a little too hot? it is super cool here, of course after we got the swimming pool opened. It always is a heat wave when we open it....Glad you are having fun-love the photo of the kids on the grassy hill :)

  7. Oh MJ, what a beautiful weekend! Seems you are filling your time in France with the perfect parts of must-sees and slow time off of the beaten path.

    The pictures you share are gorgeous!

  8. MJ, when you passed through NOLA did you notice the same statue? It's in the French Quarter on Decatur. I remember New Year's Eve 2000 being there in the quarter with the throngs and seeing people sitting up on the statue ;-)

    Your weekend looks very, very French. Enjoy!

  9. Gorgeous photos! I'm so glad to see you're having such a grand adventure! Can't wait to see more!

  10. Gorgeous photos! I'm so glad to see you're having such a grand adventure! Can't wait to see more!

  11. Oh, it all looks so delicious. The scenery, the chocolate, the olives (!!), the flowers. I can imagine that little snail gave you some inspiration for taking it slowly and absorbing all the beauty.

  12. Such beauty! What a grand adventure.

  13. Finally had a moment to read up on your posts. {on Friday I tried, got called away, and realized I left the computer open all weekend while we were away on your post, so if you have one of those blog live feed things that was me sitting there for 72 hours!}
    Don't have to tell you how lucky you are.
    Enjoy, savor, journal, and eat without guilt!

  14. oh my. you had me at crepes.
    but you had to push on to French garage sales.
    DAMN IT WOMAN!!!!!!!!


  15. Holy olives and the statue and taking it all inside in a field of flowers. Goodness. Float on, friend. It's looks amazing.

  16. Oh this trip of yours is looking amazing! What a wonderful thing you are doing with your family.

  17. Oh, the pastries, flowers, statues, cathedrals, even the little French snail! How I love it all!



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