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Friday, June 8, 2012

Embrace and release

Week two in France is coming to a close. We leave Monday for Paris, our last week, and I have an armload of emotions that swarm in one, large, electric storm. Excitement and anticipation for arguably the most beautiful city in the world,  a lurking sadness that the end of this trip is near,  a fierce determination to not take an ounce for granted, and the distant, comforting thought of home and husband.  Oh what to do with this cocktail of emotions...I know I cannot "do" anything, except maybe to try to feel everything. For all that we embrace, we equally must let go, the beginning, the end, the light, the dark, and everything in-between...

with Monica for Keeping it Real

chambord and champagne
delicious desserts (I had two, yep count 'em two yesterday)
homemade birthday gifts from my babes
a dinner to remember here
being up in the trees
and doing a ropes course!!
the French flea market tomorrow!!!!
birthday wishes from thoughtful friends

upset stomach from too much French food, French wine, and French desserts (serves me right hee hee)
late nights from kids that still can't seem to fall asleep before 11pm
back aches from firm mattresses
clothes that are beginning to fit tighter

I may be quieter next week with all that is to come, but how can I not share Paris?

See you there...


  1. Eat and enjoy MJ, once you are back in the states the little extra will melt away.
    I hope you are having the best time at the flea market and next week that Paris holds you close, wrapping you in it's magic...have a blast!

  2. Loving what you are embracing & letting go.
    Enjoy your time in Paris!
    Oh, and happy belated birthday.

  3. Maybe in Paris you will walk the pounds away?? Fingers crossed. Have fun!!

  4. Many Happy Birthday Wishes to You!!! I'm with swanski ... maybe in Paris you'll walk the pounds away! :D :D :D Enjoy!

  5. What a great trip...memories to savor again and again for a lifetime. Thanks for sharing.

  6. good food and good wine are good for the soul ;o) walking the streets of Paris should take care of the extra calories. Although a stop for macarons or good pastries might cancel it.
    Enjoy your stay !

  7. i love paris! i have such fond memories from my trips there...here is hoping you'll make many good memories!

  8. Swoon!!!! How gorgeous all of it - drink up that emotional cocktail, lady :)


  9. oh, you are going to love Paris. Enjoy! and please, share as many pics as possible :)

  10. So hard to leave somewhere that fills you up so much. I know. I once cried while walking down the jetway, wiped small tears for a good hour in to the flight home. But. For now, enjoy enjoy enjoy. I know you will. :) PARIS!!!

  11. You will adore Paris...she makes you fall in love with her. The Chambord and champagne looks so wonderful! And what a sweet note from your children. :)

  12. have sooo much fun at that flea market!! :)

  13. oh!! i missed your birthday!!
    happy (belated) day of my birth my sweet friend, may your year ahead hold wonder and joy and learning.

    yay to two desserts!! lol
    boo to poor mattresses (i have one now argh)

  14. what a precious card!!!! homemade gifts from the kids are the absolute best!

    enjoy every minute of the time you have left in France. time always does seem to go buy faster when you're having fun, but it's always nice to return home, too.


  15. I love thinking of the week's experiences as things to either embrace or release. Perfect! I know that cocktail of emotions well, and I hope feeling each one leaves your heart full. That card is so very sweet, and I would be disappointed to hear that you had fewer desserts than you wanted. You won't be in France every month, after all! Well, likely not ;)

    Enjoy Paris! I can't wait to see what you find time to share.

  16. what an amazing card you go there.
    and of course, I am so jealous of the french flea market.
    please do share pics.

  17. That card is amazing. Beautiful the way love from our littles fills us up, right?! I'm wishing you the greatest time at the flea market - and I eagerly await what treasures you find, what beauty you see around you. It's hard to leave somewhere so amazing - this I know to be so true. Luckily you'll have the photos and the stories and the items to brighten your mood. Safe travels home.

  18. so glad your having a wonderful time! and the card gives me tears in my eyes. i love those so much. i love paris too, i'm looking forward to hearing all about it!

  19. I dig the embrace and release. I may need to visit this concept myself.


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~ George Bernard Shaw