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Sunday, June 10, 2012

One more for the road

J'adore these birdbaths!! And for a second I considered throwing out some clothes
from my suitcase for the blue birdbath...
Okay so I am warning you now that I didn't take that many pics at the flea market. I was too darn busy in "hunting" mode. I'm sure some of you know what I mean by "hunting" mode right? The eyes are keen, sharp to any item that might snag a portion of your hyper alert peripheral vision ---yep,  hunting mode. I did walk away with a few things, but hope you don't mind me waiting a bit to share all my finds. I will give you a hint though: antique Gien. We had so much fun, even the kids found some treasures of their own. We plan on heading to the Paris flea market next weekend, I will share everything after then, I promise!!

The rest of the weekend has been quiet---a nice lunch after the market yesterday on the Loire river and a lovely cup of espresso...

We are all packed and ready for Paris tomorrow, so now I am going to make tea, watch the French Open finals: Nadal and Djokovic (go Rafi!!!), and maybe crack open this book...

Hope you had a fine weekend, too....


Weekending with Amanda...


  1. have fun. can't wait for your Paris pictures...

  2. i feel i'm there with you, sitting at that lovely cafe along the river, it's all so exciting. i've been to the flea markets a few times (on buying trips with my antique dealer mil)and love to remember how much fun they were. i hardly bought anything (much too expensive) but it was always fun to look! have a wonderful time.

  3. Wonderful wonderful! My postcard arrived. Thank you. Loved your comment about tea. :D :D Can't wait to see the goodies.

  4. Looks so lovely...can't wait to see all your flea market finds.

  5. MJ, I can only imagine how much fun you had at the flea market and now I am very excited to see what treasures you found. I am also looking forward to seeing Paris, have the best time. Much love to you!

  6. Oh, I can't wait to see your finds! It must be so much fun to have your children sharing in the treasure hunt, too. Enjoy Paris!

  7. Lovely view! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your finds. And Paris! Thank you again for your wonderful postcard. My boys are loving it, too. They want to know when we can visit France :) Lots of love.

  8. Can't wait to see Paris through your eyes! That Gien dinnerware looks beautiful; am excited to see what you got. French flea markets? I would definitely need to bring an extra suitcase for that :)

  9. you know I CAN'T WAIT!
    I want all those plates in that box. Can you grab them for me?

  10. i would love one of those birth baths too. only flea markets i've ever seen in paris are expensive, antiquey. the one you visited looks more affordable, knick-knacky.

    look forward to seeing what you snagged.

  11. I am so filled with joy at your flea market photos! I love knick knacky jumble sales... that's where I find the best stuff myself.

  12. les puces!!! je suis tellement jalouse! ok, really enjoy the flea markets in paris, they are amazing. wish i was there shopping with you ;-)

  13. Have a great time!!! I love that cup/snack set.


  14. Oh, yes, a tough decision...clothing or blue bird bath!

    I love these photos from France and hearing about your adventures and your emotions as you travel.

    Sending wishes for a wonderful week in Paris, knowing you will embrace that experience fully!

  15. can't wait to see what you scored!


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