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Sunday, June 17, 2012

To miss or not to miss

Today is our last full day in Paris. We have been very fortunate to have been able to stay here this long, and I had worried that perhaps it would be too long for the kids. Being on the other side of this trip now, I can say that 3 weeks is the perfect length. It is just beyond the whirlwind rush and panic of being a tourist, and just before the ache of home lingers too long in our chests.  We have inhaled the peace and languidness of the French countryside, and traversed the crowded and bustling sidewalks of Paris.  I do know what I will miss about this country, this culture, and the places we have been. And I wouldn't be completely honest, would I, if I didn't share what I wouldn't miss :)....

To be missed....

The friendly, giving nature of the French (particularly in Orléans). There were 3 separate occasions where people went out of their way to help us with directions. One lady actually got in her car and led us to the exit we needed!!

Chivalry on the metro. Many men gave up their seats for standing women and children, including us
on more than one occasion:).

The convenience of a metro system.

The cafés, boulangeries, baguettes and pastries (particularly les macarons)!!

Hearing the French language daily,
there is nothing more powerful when wanting to learn a language!

The wonderful time spent with my mother-in-law, my children's Nana... She was the perfect hostess and guide, patient, kind, loving, and oh so giving. Thank you Jill...

The indescribable vision of Paris,  its sage-like presence and nourishing history... I will miss the beauty of this place...

The flea markets (certainly more affordable in Orléans than Paris--eek)...

Les libraries et les papeteries. We visited Shakespeare and Company of course. I only wish I had days and days to inhale and consume this place...

Not to be missed...

The smoking!!!! It seems that nearly everyone here (in Paris) smokes. And while I believe in letting others live and let live, I also believe in the right to breath fresh air :).

Missing Hubs a.k.a Daddy--you are coming with us next time my love!! (OH and Happy Father's Day!!)

The time change. We never did get use to it still being light at 10pm!!

Have a lovely finish to your weekend and see you back on the west side :).

Au revoir Paris, merci beau coup!!


  1. you don't like it being lihgt at 10pm??? that's the best thing about summer here. I can't believe that in four days things will change already and that the days are getting shorter again....

    enjoy your last moments in Paris xxx

    1. You know, I would if it weren't for the kids!!!

  2. What an adventure you have had! Three Weeks does seem like the perfect length! Have safe travels home!

  3. how wonderful, LOVE shakespere and company, it is a must see. i can see why you would be ready to go home, three weeks is a long time to be away from your love. thats how long we were just in africa, but with my husband there and my children grown and gone i could have stayed weeks, months longer!
    safe journey home. x lori

  4. Love the usage of the "to be missed/not to be missed". I would not like the smoking either. I hope you have a safe journey home :)

  5. when we were younger, michael and i would just smoke with 'em (when in rome)... but, the last few times we just couldn't take it. cough cough... great picture of the bookstore. safe travels back to daddy. we leave tomorrow for 10 days away from ours and it's just not ever nice to part, is it?

  6. Ehhh to smoking. I want my fresh air, thank you very much. 3 weeks, wow that flew. Safe trip home.
    p.s. Little Talks is my new favorite song I have been humming it non-stop for weeks, I think my hubs hates it now ;)

  7. Oh sounds so marvelous except for the smoking. I think folks should smoke as long as they can keep the smoke within an inch of their own head. I had a neighbor whose wife died from his second hand smoke and he was completely flummoxed as to why she got lung cancer. Oy but on to better things. Thanks for sharing your trip. Your postcard really brightened my day; so beautiful! Thank MJ! Travel safely back to homebase.

  8. sounds so great. I loved being on the trip with you.
    I used to smoke----can you believe it? Now, years later, I can not stand the smell and find it so disgusting. I can't believe it's still so popular in Paris.
    Lots of love to you and looking forward to seeing what your life is back in your new home.

  9. Safe travels my friend! What an amazing adventure for you and the kiddos!

  10. I have to admit that while my husband and I were last there in 2006 (sans kids) we did some smoking too - we were wild back then what can I say? But now...not so much.

    I am so happy you had such a wonderful time with your mom-in-law and kids. Three weeks really is a great span of time!

    Safe travels!


  11. What a lovely round up, my friend. Your postcard came a few days ago... thank you! I wish you safe travels home!

  12. Happy birthday 2 weeks belated MJ!
    Its been very nice touring France with you{when I could keep my "dude what I would give to be there" other brain from chiming in}
    love the pics and finds and reflections.
    Lucky you, you now get to fall in love with Colorado all over again after your 3 weeks away.


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