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Friday, June 15, 2012

Polaroids, coffee pots, and tea...

In the Louvre
A distant look at Mona
The Sacre-Coeur
The Dali mural

Polaroids are not convenient. They are cumbersome, heavy, and the results are fatally tied to the environment's lighting.  Yet, if you love polaroids as I do, all the above things don't matter. The results are loved regardless of all its imperfections...

I am late in joining in with Cory for Thrifty Thursday, but I had to share this little French coffee pot. Still usable I believe with a good cleaning...And by the way, Cory is having a fabulous giveaway! Go take a peek :).

And if you have ever been in Paris, you must have stopped by Mariage Frères, Maison de Thé a Paris...I fell in love, not just with the packaging and design, but of course with its library of concoctions. I was able to try Casablanca, and will be bringing it home along with Bouddha Bleu. Shall I pick some up for a future giveaway? Of course I will :).....

Have a fantastic Friday! Bonne journée!!



  1. love your pics. I live just around the corner of Mariage Frere. now I'm homesick :)

  2. Happy Friday to you and I am loving that coffee post you snagged up!

  3. Hello MJ!
    your polaroids are lovely no matter the light...
    I understand you are in Paris! How cool is that!
    Your finds are beautiful
    and it's good to know you are coming back with a giveaway ; )

    Love to you xoxo

  4. Oooh, they both sounds delicious. Loving your Polaroids, they have such personality. And that coffee pot is adorable!

  5. your whole trip has been so fun to be on with you.
    I LOVE the coffeepot, of course.
    A blurry Mona is better than none at all, I always say.

    1. I do love your Polaroids, imperfections and all! The coffee pot is a fabulous find, and if the tea tastes as good as its packaging suggests, I'm sure it's divine. Enjoy the rest of your adventure!

  6. I love polaroids. I just picked up one, and need to find a good site for film. None on this island, and this is a weird, old one. The Mona pic is my favorite.

  7. i love the quality of these photographs! the kids look so darling all over paris. i remember thinking the mona lisa was so small and we didn't wait to get closer either. sacre coeur i just love. montmartre was so wonderful to stroll through. don't you wish you had a paris apartment?

  8. Looking at your Polaroids takes me instantly back in time, MJ… to when we went to Paris as children and saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time, and how we ate croissants in the hotel room and got in trouble with the maid…all these grainy memories now flooding in… How do you do it, MJ? You show us your days and bring us in, like we're sitting beside you… you telling your stories and then listening, so attentively, to ours. How beautiful.

    These photos are lovely, lovely. I am so glad for you, that you are having these moments, creating your memories with your loved ones. It makes me happy to think of you there.

    And Happy Happy Birthday, for last week! What a wonderful place to spend a special day. I hope you had a perfect day, with many hugs, much love sent from your hubs, and sweetness from your kids. Sending you a big hug of my own, dear friend.

  9. Love the pics and such a lovely coffee pot. Glad you are living it up in Paris! xo

  10. Love the polaroids! such fun, Thanks so much for sharing this fun adventure with us!


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