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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer in full swing

barefoot on button swings 
sticky sweet watermelon with sour lemonade
summer concerts and dancing in the stands
street performers who juggle with feet and hands
downtown bike rides that lead to margaritas and mexican food
a reprieve from the heat by wading in the creeks
front lawn gatherings and backyard BBQs
trees strung with lights in the summer night
and late night reads (theirs and mine) that fill summer dreaming...

The Avett Brothers at Red Rocks was simply awesome...
Go Pete!!
Yep, summer is in full swing around here, and I hope yours is going just as well....

Cheers and wishing fellow Americans a fantastic Independence Day tomorrow!!




  1. Sounds like a great way to spend the summer, enjoy!

    And happy 4th of July!

  2. looks like it's going quite well to me!
    Enjoy your fourth!

  3. fabulous! that concert looks so good, especially the setting.
    great header choice.

    it's a wet uk i'm afraid. even i am ready for sun.

  4. Love the new header! That Red Rock photo is AMAZING! It looks like a different place and time in the coolest way.

    Enjoy the 4th!


  5. happy summer mj. wow, red rocks looks awesome. my friends heard arcade fire there. can you imagine?

  6. Looks like summer is in full swing over there, here too! Happy 4th!

  7. Doesn't it feel oh so good to be smack in the middle of summer...with all of its goodness?

  8. Loved how this read - full swing indeed! Happy 4th!

  9. Great header! Looks like you are having a wonderful, full, exciting summer! YeeHaw!

  10. oh, wow! that concert venue is amazing!!!! I would probably spend more time staring at the scenery than I would watching the band.

    sounds like your summer is absolutely fantastic so far. :)


  11. great pics. looks like a fabulous summer!

  12. Happy 4th of July! It's turning out to be a real summer scorcher over here; we will definitely be trying to keep cool with watermelon, cold drinks and sprinklers!

  13. MJ I can't wait to show my boy that juggling video! He is ALL about juggling, diabolos, clubs right now. Thanks so much for the link.

    I love the look of your summer. I've often wondered what a concert at Red Rocks would be like, and to get to see the Avett Brothers there must have been magical. Lovely!

    Welcome home, by the way—I'm a LOT late in saying that, I know! We got your postcard from France. Thank you SO much for sending it. I have it on my fridge, and I think of you every time I see it. Truly :) Thank you for sharing so much here—all the light and shade and all your thoughts and poetry and more thoughts and these beautiful photographs. Lucky me/us!

  14. Your first summer in Colorado! Isn't it wonderful!? How I would love to join you for some of that dancing in the stands!

  15. Ah, yes, as in Red Rocks. :-) We are neighbors! :-D

  16. Wonderful! Wish I was there to enjoy it with you!


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