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Monday, October 8, 2012

a foreshadowing

So snow didn't really stay for a visit this weekend, but came and went in a faint and flurried hurry. Short and sweet, there still was enough to foreshadow the days of winter peeking behind Autumn's shadow. My favorite part of the weekend was finding comfort from the chill by huddling near the fireplace with my loves, and eating homemade chicken soup-- more glimpses of a promised yearly inward draw.

My husband, who has now set up shop downstairs in our tiny home, is emanating a new kind of energy in this little space. The kind of vulnerable energy requiring gentleness from the ones who love him as he heals. Our children scamper carefully by his side to offer assistance however he needs it. The bothersome and painful repercussions of having his back cut open has tugged tightly on the knitted strings between us. A natural mechanism that I love.

Halloween decorations, of course, have been up since the weekend before last, and the tradition of Booing neighbors has begun (the kids LOVE to do this and it's a great way for a community to connect, btw). I love helping my children build anticipation and excitement towards Halloween, an event surrounded by fond memories in my own childhood.

One more note I'd like to share. There is gladsome brewing in our country's beautiful heartland. Claudine, of becoming claudine is making one of her dreams come true. She is hosting her first ever creative retreat at Cuyahoga Valley National Park November 9-11, a dream she shared with me over a year ago. Congratulations Claudine, on making magic happen. In her words...gladsome is "A gathering of women nourishing the creative spirit." Registration is still open, please view details here...

Wishing you a lovely Monday...

joining Amanda today....


  1. How exciting to have snow, any snow! We are only 62 right now so at least my a/c isn't running and I have the windows open.
    I hope your husband heals soon and life continues to smile on you my dear friend.

  2. like frosting. so hard to believe you're enjoying snow and fireplaces this year when last year you'd all still be sporting shorts and flip flops. so much in one little year!

    best wishes for the mr.'s recovery :)

  3. Being together at home all cozy has got to be one of the best feelings in life, I think! Sounds like you are soaking up the goodness.

  4. I hope your husband continues to improve, and SNOW is my all time favorite thing to look at, besides falling leaves :D

  5. snow??? I'm speechless :) hope hubby feels better soon!

  6. gosh, I have such a hard time with Halloween.
    DOn't know why.
    But I got their costumes all ready to go early this year and that should make things go a little smoother.
    I waited til a few days before Halloween last year.
    hope your man feels better soon. he has a good nurse, so I think he'll be fine. ; )

  7. Wishing your hubby a speedy recovery. And lucky you getting a little dusting of snow, we are waiting for our first dusting, hoping it will be soon.

  8. ah, the snow. a little glimpse of what's to come....:) I love the idea of Booing! While I love living in the country, I do envy a community like this. Yay for Claudine and chasing her dreams!!

    (not sure how often you check it, but I sent an email to your blog addy, to say "thank you".)


    1. Thank you so much Amanda! There is such a feeling of satisfaction (and nervousness) with nearing a dream!

  9. i love that you have snow, and more on the way! the children must be so excited too! your husbands healing space looks comfy, hope he won't be needing it too much longer. :)

  10. i think you know Halloween isn't a big deal in uk. the marketing stuff is up and about in shops, but it depends on each town/village/area what they've drummed up i suppose.

    i celebrate the Day of the Dead. Hallow's Eve. honouring passed loved ones etc...

    never heard of booing before.

    healing thoughts for hubs.

  11. Sounds like you are embracing the cooler weather so beautifully. Snow is always exciting to me, such a rarity here in Australia. Love that your kids are getting excited about Halloween. Sending lots of healing vibes to your husband. Fingers crossed he is doing well. Wonderful news about Claudine too! Jacinta

    1. Thank you Jacinta! If only you lived a bit closer... :)


  12. MJ,
    Ahh, the snow! I love the first flakes that make their way in the fall, knowing they won't stay, but taking in that glimpse of what is to come. What fun you will have this year!

    And thank you for your very kind words about gladsome! It is such an exciting endeavor!


  13. Oh wow a whisper of snow-wonderful. I am glad you are enjoying the booing and the return to time inside. I hope your hubby heals quickly. It is wonderful that you all are there for each other-marvelous!


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