"We are all wanderers on this earth...our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams." ~ Gypsy proverb

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I am stretching and extending, risking comfort to see where courage may lead me. Taking Pixie's class next week is one of those things that scares me. Something tells me that this kind of anticipation is a good thing, like a contraction before a new expansion. I am ready, and maybe you are too?

The Autumn Soul Lodge session is sold out, except for this one spot I am giving away... I hope to see you there...



  1. It sounds very interesting and I think it's definitely a good thing to challenge ourselves and expanding our horizons... Hope it's all you want it to be! xo

  2. feel the fear and do it anyway, baby!

  3. i hope you share some of your experience with us. you are so good at communicating from the inside out.


“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw