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Friday, November 30, 2012

You're so fluffy

My daughter calls me "Fluffy" at least once every day. Sometimes when her classmates see me at school they'll say to my daughter, "Hey! There's your fluffy!"

Yesterday, she said "Mom, you're a five day weekend!"

This is what abundant feels like.
This is what a loving relationship with our children feels like.

My kids' sicknesses (on separate days no less) gave me a chance to spend one-on-one time with each of them. This is a gift I don't take too lightly anymore since we left homeschooling. They bring out the best in  me (yes the worst too but we aren't talking about that right now) and I hope to all goodness that I bring out the best in them, too...

Sometimes I try too hard. I try hard by doing too much and getting caught up in what I think is good for them. I get overrun with to-do lists and schedules and tiredness, and I forget that what's most important in my relationship with my children is to HAVE FUN and to be joyful. Our children, whether we like it or not, are invested in our emotional health. They know when we are stressed, they know when we are sad, they know when we are feeling like shit. And do you know what they want more than anything?

They want us to be fluffy. They want us to be fluffy, light and happy. When we are happy, they are happy. When we have fun, they have fun.

It's really that simple.

Reality will always be there for you. But your kids won't.

So be fluffy. Be joyful. Your time with them is too short.

Much love to you and
Happy five day weekend



  1. Thank you MJ for the beautiful reminder. Something we so easily forget.
    Chey xo

  2. you are fluffy! i love the five day weekend analogy too. she's a smart one, little m.

  3. Yes fluffy! I love that. What a wonderful and inspiring relationship you have with each of your kiddos. ;-)

  4. those bagels look scrummy.

    it's so difficult. i know full well how children sense it ALL. and yet, tired tired TIRED, i struggle for the laughs and fluffiness. we do have giggles and we do tickle and laugh, but there are lots of seeing mum with a downturned mouth, yawning, plain harried. but i try. i'm aware.
    and today i caught her cold.

    1. Oh yuck, I'm sorry you caught her cold. Up and down, they do need to see both or it isn't honest is it?

  5. Well put MJ! That is a great compliment, "You're a 5 day weekend!" I love it.
    And now I'm hungry too! That looks delicious.

  6. I love it! That is so stinkin' sweet.

  7. ...so sweet!...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  8. What a great reminder; thank you :) xo

  9. Doggie (and kitty) kids are like that too! :) Happy fluffy weekend. xo

  10. Hi Fluffy!
    Way cute. And I LOVE those mittens in the post previous.

  11. I so loved this post MJ. Be fluffy. I love it! I have not been fluffy. More like steel acute angles. And yes what transforms me from soft to hard is the to-do lists, the siren call of you could get one more thing done if you just...The irony of it all is that most of the time these to do's and scheduling is supposed to be for them.
    Thanks for the reminder-the timing could not be better.

    1. Oh boy, yes!! "Steel acute angles" Exactly!!!

  12. so, so, so sweet! and, boy do they ever pick up on our emotions. when my oldest begins to reflect how I'm feeling (in that not-so-good way), I know it's time to sit and just be, remember what's really important.



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