"We are all wanderers on this earth...our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams." ~ Gypsy proverb

Monday, January 28, 2013

I wish I could blame it on the moon.

I wish I could say
it was a perfect weekend full
of happy days and gentle evenings.
But, it wasn't.

I wish I could say
there was harmony and joy
between us all and that I laughed
more than I cried.
But I didn't.

I wish I could blame it
on the full moon for emotions running high
and erratic wolfman-like behavior.
But, I won't.

What lays buried underneath
is not content being hidden,
shushed, ignored, or forgotten.
It will soon hunt air
to take a long, deep breath...

And so it breathed...

It exhaled rocky moments and sad moments,
then spewed out moments filled
with doubts, difficult truths and hard resentments.

And so we remembered...

Perfection does not live here.
Neither does denial, or perpetual anger.
What lives here is my beautifully, imperfect family
full of love, tears and laughter,
and an earnest willingness to
forgive, heal, and love again...

And so we grew,
and so we breathed,
and then together,
we howled at the moon...

Monday love.....




  1. This was perfect. Happy Monday.

  2. Beautiful. Howling together is always good for the soul.

  3. I have nothing profound to add, but I'm so glad you wrote this. Perfection doesn't live here either. I hope the howling was cathartic.

  4. thank you for sharing. bumps and ruts here too. but they'll pass. of that i'm sure.

  5. Beautiful mj. And so real. Peace to you.

  6. So beautiful to put the emotions and pain into poetry....helping to make sense of it, no?

  7. the beautiful pictures of stillness are such a great pairing with your honest words. it's the beautiful ebb and often trying flow of family.

  8. Beautifully written. No family is perfect, but you seem to have a very good way to deal with all those wonderful imperfections... xo

  9. wonderful.
    what lies underneath will always search for the surface.

    the Moon supported your heart-healing journey. ;)

  10. absolutely beautiful, MJ.

    imperfections are always there. it's how we embrace them that helps to make life the beautiful journey it is. xo

  11. Oh. Eyes full of tears here....my heart is right there. Sometimes it feels like waves that crash through windows only to leave as suddenly as they came, the floors all shiny and new again. I love that your family sounds very much like ours, imperfectly perfect. You are beautiful. XO

  12. Great posting! Oh to be perfect, but then it would be kind of boring to live life.

  13. And so we remembered...from then on you gave my heart reason to pause. Beautiful, MJ.

  14. your kids will grow up knowing how to express themselves and that at the bottom is a net of love. your blog is surely one of the most honest and artistic out there, in my estimation. you do it so well and we all are glad for it.

  15. How I love your words. Perfection needs a new definition. Cause when you ride those swells of painful, uncomfortable stretching soul moments and come through with love and growth on the other end, THAT is perfection. much love to you xo

  16. oh mama. we all have times like this. love that you were willing to be honest and real and admit it. learning to forgive is so important, best to start young.

  17. Oh yes, one of Those weekends! Yeap, I've had more than my share,but glad to see you made the best of it, grew and loved a little deeper. Now it's a new week and here are to smiles!

  18. Hello MJ,

    passing by to wish you a good 2013 and found this honest and true poem.
    There is no perfect family. No perfect situations. Knwoing that life is so much better!

    lots of love!

  19. What a beautifully honest piece. xo

  20. "Perfection does not live here". Yep.
    Yet we are horrified as mothers when we fall from it.
    Not to give license to bad behaviour that causes slow harm to our children, but to say "yeah that was crappy and I responded as equally as crappy" (which pretty much sums up my last 48 hours) and move away the best way we know how. The hard thing for me is I know more crap is coming, and depending on a whole lot of variables chances are I am again, not gonna act great in response. Maybe that is the definition of "imperfect"?
    Thanks for the post.


“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw