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Monday, January 7, 2013


You want to know what went really fast? The weekend. Whooosh!! So fast that I recall fragments by bits of color like green, orange, and chocolate brown.

I recall Friday in green due to a mouth-watering meal that Hubs and I ate at this place. I had fried green pickles served with a side of green goddess aioli as my appetizer. Yes, let me say it again--FRIED, and it was worth every. green. bite.

Saturday brought me a little package that opened bursting with orange--a delicious orange tote, covered with pomegranate print. It is so beautifully made, and came as a giveaway win from this friend and blogger!! Thank you!!! The tote is now home to my growing blanket throw that I am still knitting (can anyone give me a hallelujah for knitting progress please??).

Chocolate brown:
Sunday was chocolate brown Hershey's bars and gooey, white, burnt melted marshmellow flanked by crispy honey graham crackers. It was s'mores, by the fire pit, with the neighbors, guilty as charged. (Watched Clue again recently, love that movie..)

Happy Monday


Weekending with Amanda!!


  1. Your weekend sounds a lot more exciting than mine and mine went in a flash too. Looks like you have snow - love the idea of the fire pit when it's snowy... Have a lovely week xo

  2. I will, hallelujah! Has the knitting bug grabbed hold tight yet?
    Sounds like a fun weekend. One of my son's loves fried dill pickles and I will have to tell him about the sauce you had with yours, sounds devine!

  3. And another one, Hallelujah!!! A fun weekend, fried dill pickles might have to try those one day :) Love the tote gorgeous.

    Enjoy your week.

  4. That is a gorgeous bag! And it sounds like you had a spectacular few days. Congrats on the knitting progress! (:

  5. I will gladly be your knitting cheerleader any time you need one. Hip hip hooray! Love the tote bag :)

  6. A weekend beginning with fried pickles and ending with smores, yes I can so see it flying by. Luckily you know how to savor those solid crunchy outer layers that keep all the good gooshy in.

  7. Fried green pickles?! Yes, please!


  8. i love fried pickles. love.

    and that bag, seriously kickin!

  9. yummmmmm choc and marshmallows are always good! and I'll give yer another Hallelujah!! The bag is gorgeous, what a fab giveaway prize! Wishing you a happy and fun filled new year, lisa (the dotty one) xxx

  10. Lovely weekend! Go MJ (for the knitting)!! xo

  11. That bag is beautiful! And your knitting peeking out - so perfect. Three cheers for knitting progress! xo

  12. love how you are recalling your weekend via color...love it!


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