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Monday, February 4, 2013

Gobble gobble...

I did. I gobbled the weekend right up. Everything about the last two days was slow and intentional, just as I hoped it would be.  With a boy who embroidered his favorite bear (his first attempt ever) and a Girl Scout stopping by with her my thin mints, can I really ask for anything better? Ok, one more thing, a clean and shiny car via the rainbow car wash. The kids love it-- who needs Disney World?

Hope your weekend was just as sweet...

Monday Love


Weekending with Amanda...


  1. sounds perfect, especially the thin mints!

  2. oooh now you've reminded me of chocolate...I may have to go and make biscuits!! Glad you had a good weekend, the embroidery is brilliant! x

  3. fantastic bear!! :)

    for the longest time I had to wash the car by hand (gasp!!) because the kids were terrified of the drive-thru car wash. I had a very dirty car for a long time. ;)


  4. Girl Scout cookies are here? OH Dear, I may be in trouble!

    PS- please tell your son congratulations, that is a great looking bear.

  5. Mmmm thin mints, you are so lucky! Love the eye patch :)

  6. Awesome bear! We treat ourselves to a car wash every now and then, and I think I have the most fun :)

  7. "slow and intentional" perfect.

    wow, the boy did that? aw, poor bear's eye... :)

  8. I love when weekends speed by with all the fun. my girls love the car wash. it's our big mainland treat.

  9. Lovely work by your son. First try? I'd say he's a natural.

  10. I love these photos! And I remember very well when your son's bear lost the eye....he has created a loving stitching of him!


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