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Friday, March 1, 2013



We were in the makeup section of the store looking for face paint.

"Mom, I want you to paint a bird on my cheek."

"Well it won't be as good as that dragon the lady did last week."

"I don't care!! You'll do great Mom, it doesn't have to be perfect.  By the way, these ladies are liars."

She was pointing to an ad of two cover models placed strategically next to a line of lipsticks. Their faces smooth, beautiful and clear, their lips luscious, full and shiny with pretty pink gloss on them.

"What do you mean they are liars?"

"Well, I looked at my skin and it does NOT look like that. They are liars for making people think their skin does."

Wow. There are so many layers of truth to this I didn't know where to begin.

"I know what you mean, but they look like that on purpose to try to get us to buy the makeup. They are implying that if we buy what they are wearing, we might be able to look like that."

"It's still lying."

"Yeah , I think you are right..."

Oh how I still underestimate my kids sometimes.


The yogurt shop with the girl. Who am I kidding. It's not yogurt. It's ice cream masking as a health conscious alternative (even without all the lovely toppings). Lies, more lies!! I'm not fooled, I eat it, but I am not fooled.

Painting, glueing, collaging, more to show soon :)...

A banjo. A borrowed banjo. A borrowed banjo recently tuned with new strings. I hear it, and I smile... A long-time dream is knocking at my door at last.

Wishing you a healthy weekend friends...


 ps. Thanks for all the well wishes for my family. Boy and hubs are on the upswing!!


  1. Nice to know there are future women out there who say it like it is!

    Enjoy the banjo playing and the weekend.

  2. brilliant. great that some kids are that aware. gives them a chance at staying sane in this crazy world of ours :)xxo

  3. happiest of banjo trails to you. what a great piece to get to know.

  4. Wow, that girl of yours is incredibly - as Petra put it - brilliant. And what fun, a banjo! Enjoy your weekend. xo

  5. she speaks a truth that every girl should hear. have fun with the banjo playing :)

  6. they are indeed big big liars..photoshopped to oblivion! Thats so cool that she recognised that! Enjoy your banjo..yee har! xx

  7. I love that she knows they are liars already :) Glad everyone is feeling better. Happy weekend.


  8. that post made me smile...and kinda warm inside too
    lovely weekend to you MJ

    love and light

  9. Such a wise girl to work that out completely on her own. I love that she doesn't sound the least bit self-conscious or uncomfortable in her own skin. I'm sure that's related in large part to the wonderful example she has in you. <3

  10. Hahaha very clever little girl. ;)

  11. MJ, this post has been sitting with me for awhile. Your daughter's deep knowing of what is real, and what isn't, will serve her well.

    I'm going to remember her words, and use them as a guide for when my own daughter notices make-up and models...

  12. She sounds like a very in tune young lady.
    I do love the 1st comment :)


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