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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Tetons

Six kids, three chaperones, and one guide. Five days we were immersed in varying ecosystems, observing the natural and scientific processes, tracking wildlife, studying conservation, and communing with the majestic Grand Teton National Park. Unforgettable in every sense...

We hunted for all kinds of scat, animal tracks and bear rips. We found gopher trails and elk bones, conducted water tests and identified macro-invertebrates, and we created art, Andy Goldsworthy style. What I may remember the most---it snowed on us in the brightness of the sun and we walked quietly amongst wild buffalo...

Thank you to the Teton Science School for an incredible journey...

Wishing you a weekend full of adventure...



  1. i wanted to say just what snap said. wowza! that is so cool. i want to go to teton science school!


  2. stunning

    love and light

  3. Wow, this sounds and looks amazing!!! Will there be more pictures?

  4. This is amazing! How great it must feel to be part of the tea! I love adventures like this one :)

  5. Such an awesome adventure! xo

  6. Extraordinary, MJ. Seriously—you can feel the magic vibrating out. Thanks so much for writing this, for these photos. What a thing to share with your boy. What a thing!

  7. I spent most of my life in Wyoming. I've been missing it lately, from the vantage point of Michigan. Your photos remind me why!

  8. oh my goodness mj, what an experiance, i could feel in your words the magic that happened for you. i saw that you were in transition again, i'm hoping all is (or will be, yes!) well soon for you.

  9. What an opportunity - that trip sounds amazing!



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