"We are all wanderers on this earth...our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams." ~ Gypsy proverb

Thursday, May 30, 2013

tiny glimpses of random

Tiny, frozen glimpses into my own days always reminds me that everything is good, all good. I haven't been using the "big camera" recently and today I have realized how much I've missed it. To freeze in time what we know to always be there is what polishes gratitude for me, making it all bright and shiny so that I don't miss a beat. But I don't need to tell you that, now do I?

See my iPhone next to my laptop? The entire back of that sucker is shattered. That phone has lasted for almost 4 years, including through a dunk in the pool. I dropped it yesterday, in it's case, and now the case is the only thing holding it together. It still works, so that makes me happy. But instead of a Vitamix blender for my birthday, it might be a phone.

The poster there behind the Lego city is my son's report on John D. Rockefeller. A report done for himself, not for school or anyone else. Autodidacticism, alive and well :). He loves the stories of the Rockefellers, the Carnegie's, and the Vanderbilts, and if his Lego city is any indication, perhaps he will build something big one day, too :).  Oh, and I've made 9 panels of curtains in the past several weeks, including the ones you see in the girl's room. I like making curtains :), though they cost me just as much as buying them. Fabric is love.

The last shot is a tiny glimpse of my almost completed workshop. It's painted and organized, the curtains sewn, just a few more things to go on the walks and it's finished. First order of workshop business though is to start mending the girl's Puffalump. Well, it was mine, and now it's hers, and so it goes...

This weekend begins summer vacation for my kids, and next week will mark my 27th 42nd birthday. I hiked a mountain this morning. I am almost 42, but I feel like 27.

It's all good :).

Have a gorgeous weekend friends...



  1. Oh MJ, I agree with Cory that I have been missing your posts! This is a lovely one, indeed. You say it is random, but I think it shows a much more overarching appreciation you are finding in this time of life. It seems you are settling well, if curtains are any measure! NINE -- wow! The fabric chosen for your daughter is beautiful. Though I think the pictures I love them most are the one of you and your workshop...it feels like we had the chance for a quick visit together!

    Hugs to you!

  2. sounds like you are having a wonderful time. it's my 27th or rather 36th birthday on monday. so we're both gemini :) most of the time I feel like 21 :) have a good weekend. can't wish you a happy birthday yet as this would be unlucky xxx

  3. happy birthday! I think when you dropped the phone you hit the sweet spot ;) Bummer. Love the curtains, and your place is beautiful, looks like home to me! I have neglected my big girl camera too and need to get back!

  4. thank you for the glimpse....it made me smile : )

    Happy Birthday...and didn't you hear...42 is the new 27 so you are right on mark sister!!! lol This is a good season for you...enjoy it.

    have a wonderful weekend MJ
    love and light

  5. so lovely to peek in. sorry about the phone. mine is erratic, since i brought it over from MN and had it unlocked here. so we both need a new one. we get them 'free' here with fixed 2-yr contracts.

    although the curtains cost the same, you're getting 2-for-1 - curtains plus fun making. that's how i look at crochet projects.

    summer vacation already? we have 6 weeks to go! my girl is just finishing off her mid-term break and returning monday. how long is the whole summer break? they get about 6 weeks here.

    ooh, 42, the middle of the great Uranus opposition. fun times. i'm more than half a year ahead of ya ;) i'm loving my 40's.

  6. oh! you're gonna be one year ahead of me!
    love the bee photo.
    love that sweet kitty!
    and love the stuffed animal hammock! (or I could just burn all the stuffed animals...hmmmm.. )
    so glad you are posting a little again.
    (please come over and join my weekend giveaway and help me with my current mission!)

  7. Awesome MJ! Happy Birthday to you!


“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw