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Monday, June 13, 2011


Good morning afternoon!! Late post today as I have already been running around town this morning for E's camp, a Dr.'s appointment, post office and the hardware store, phew! Not too late for Weekending with Amanda is it?

Ah yes, the weekend, I remember :).  After a week of camp, I had promised the kids some time to run around Sea World last Friday. Beluga whales, manta rays, and polar bears (oh my)!! There were some motion rides in between and this mama is beginning to realize that these rides are not as fun as they use to be (ugggh).  I swear I was cross-eyed and so nauseous I started to sweat!!!!

I did find more time to sew, which is wonderful when momentum can carry me through a project, UNTIL, the machine decided throw me the stops with some bobbin business. There is something weird happening with the bobbin thread. It's getting tangled and skipping stitches! I've ripped out seams 3 times and rewound the bobbin twice. Aaaaagh! Any advice from experienced sewers out there???!!

Shhhh, some crafting forward going on :).
Finished crocheting three hats for Japan and I have sent those off today. Yay! Except I think the pink one is going to have to go to a Japanese woman with a gigantic head. Messed up the gauge on that one. Better too big than too small I say!

There was also date night with Hubs with dinner and a movie (loved it!).  Dim Sum Chinese lunch with old friends, and several new app. downloading on Mama's birthday present. You know you've made a good investment if both kids have already read 5 books, practiced state facts and geography, and played Math Blaster over and again. Hmmm, who's birthday present was this????

Happy Monday to you!!

xx oo


  1. Fun! my mom has an ipad- they are so amazing! great for kids. My iphone (an old 3G) has been through two kids playing with it in the backseat. Food spilled on it, dropped, etc... your kids are older so hopefully you're in the clear...

  2. date night and super 8 - love this! and dim sum with friends, yum! you totally know how to do a weekend up right with yummy eats :)

    i can be of no help on the sewing front but the bag is really cute! and yay for hats going to japan - i know they will be appreciated.

    have a great week mj!

  3. Sound like a busy, but fun weekend. I'm am far from an experienced seamstress, but check your tension on the bobbin to see if that will help.

  4. What an amazing weekend! Sorry can't help with the sewing. I have a hat that's hoping someone in Japan has a huge head, too (doh!). Oooo, and iPad! I'm a total Luddite, but I must say, I'm very drawn to them :-).

  5. Yes, I think your tension is off. Looks like you had a full weekend! We had one of those over here too, phew! I also had afternoon posts today. haha

    Love that beanie with the scalloped edge! Which pattern do you use for that? Too cute.

  6. What a great weekend!
    The hats look absolutly beautiful. What a great cause.

  7. The hats are great, but the aquarium pic is what made me swoon for real! Love it! Hope you had fun!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! What a sweet bag! I'm not sure what problem with your machine could be...have you checked the bobbin tension? That's one of my go-tos.

  9. Ah your weekend sounds marvelous. Date nights are terrific and who can doesn't love dim sum-yummy! The hats are gorgeous. Bobbins always give me such a turn! I have no help for you unfortunately.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Here's my (even later) post :)


  11. What a wonderful weekend! As for your bobbin issue, I would first check the tension, try oiling the machine, and try replacing the needle. One of those is almost always the cause for me. I have a serious love/hate relationship with my sewing machine. Best wishes!


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