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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yarn Along ~ Stories coming to life

Yarn Along with Ginny today :)...

I've restarted the hat that I frogged a couple projects ago, purely based on principle and not because I need another hat :). In case you haven't seen the book this pattern comes from, oh you simply must!! There is a beautiful granny square purse in there that I will make one day. Wanna see?

From the book, Gifted
But honestly it's not the knitting or crocheting that I am so excited to tell you about today. It's about a very special book, a beautiful, groundbreaking book.

I don't need to tell fellow book lover's about the magic that stories bring into our lives. Today, droves of fans will pay their $10 ticket to see the final installment of Harry Potter, to see the story they vividly imagined breathe its way onto the screen.

Most of us who live in our books never want the story to end. We want to be a part of it somehow and we hungrily look for that next story that will draw us in and keep us there for awhile.

Movies, tv shows and series, even video games do their best to meet our high demands for giving life to the stories we hold dear. Some succeed, some fail. But what I want to share with you is a whole new magical dimension added to the life of a story, with the help of a gifted ex-animator from Pixar. Meet the The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Lessmore. Originally an award-winning children's animated short film, it has now been released as a storybook iPad application. It allows you to join in the story as it is read along to you. Please take the time to see this magic...

Its gorgeous visual perfection, our ability to participate and engage, and then the beautiful story itself... all of it is pure magic.  Created by award-winning animator and illustrator William Joyce and Moonbot Studios, this application I believe will forever change how we use digital children's books and how we read stories to our children.

Happy Yarn Along today, can't wait to stop by yours :)!

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  1. That felted granny square bag is so gorgeous. The knitting book I am using at the moment for Jairah's jumper has the most gorgeous knitted granny square overalls. I'm so tempted to knit them, but then again, I have too many projects as it is. Greg is sitting next to me on his 'work' ipad. I don't really get a look in at it, but he loves it it seems. I'm glad you are all getting the benefit from one. I will have to check out the app you mentioned above. Jacinta

  2. Ok, you have my interest about this app. I have a Huge book reader here who has a birthday in a few weeks so this just might be a great gift idea! xx
    PS- I love the bag!

  3. Holy flying books, iPad Girl! That's amazing. I've been on the fence so very long...keep sharing. Maybe I'll jump over if this job goes through ;-). Love the granny square purse, btw. Go for it!

  4. I love William Joyce! I don't trust myself to even watch that video, I already can feel the ipad wanties coming over me...

  5. I love the app! We have iPhones, but not an iPad. Now I have a reason to talk my hubs into getting me one for Christmas... think it will work?

  6. Oh, that bag is gorgeous! Can't wait to see your hat...
    I am quite taken with the ipad concept, and think you may have pushed me over the edge!

  7. That is really cool! Unfortunately, I have to focus on getting a better computer before I can get an ipad. Although I want one; they are sooooo cool!

  8. oooooooooo--- aaaaahhhhh! I haven't invested yet- but, I am sure I will- maybe sooner than later now that I have seen this!

    i like it - i like it!

  9. Love that granny square bag! We've been tossing the idea of an ipad around...not sure yet.

  10. cute book and i won't comment on the link until i watch it with ezra! sounds very intriguing.

  11. I know you're a Harry Potter fan so I can't wait to tell you this. There's a guy in my town that just opened a restaurant (that is so, so awesome!)
    I heard he trained animals in LA for movies.
    I talked to him on Saturday night.
    Not just any animal...
    The OWLS for Harry Potter!!!!!
    Love your new header.

  12. Wow...that app is amazing. The creativity and imagination it takes to develop and design something like that is simply stunning!

  13. Because of this post (which I literally read just before going to bed late last night), I dreamed, actually dreamed of iPads. Crazy! You came and visited me, I think, while I was sleeping, MJ. And kept whispering, "You know you want one. Just go and buy one tomorrow, why don't you?"

    Ah. Soon, I hope. That app looks just so perfect for us. Mmm. Books. Creative participation. Delight. All the things I love. Thank you, MJ. If you visit in my dreams tonight, could we go out for brownie sundaes? :)

  14. This book looks very inspiring.

  15. Good luck with your hat. I do know about knitting on principle. ;) That app is very interesting.

  16. Holy Horse! That is cool! Makes me wish I had an iPad.

  17. Well that video clip led to a very long detour. I loved it and had to show the Artist, he worked in animation for many years. Thanks for sharing!


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