"We are all wanderers on this earth...our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams." ~ Gypsy proverb

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Things that don't last

I don't like pressure very much. I know some people thrive and shine under it. Not me. I feel every aching stress fracture that ripples beneath it. And what kind of pressure do I ever have to deal with anyway? I mean, I am not an air traffic controller or a surgeon or anything like! No no, mine is more of the self-imposed kind. When there is something I want to do for somebody, I want it to be sooooo good, impeccable actually. And with impeccability, Ego usually lurks, waiting for that opportunity to twist and turn my thoughts, which eventually leaves me feeling small and insecure. Uggh (insert dramatic shudder here).

And so with these feelings beginning to rise, I sat at the computer screen, just staring at that blank, empty, wordless page. My insides began to turn with panic, when as if by pure telepathic timing, my darling son came and stood by me at the computer. He put both his hands on my cheeks and turned my face sharply so that we were locked eye to eye.

"We need to get out of this house! Let's go do something Mom!!"
I almost protested with "Sure, just let me fini----"   when I thought, finish what? I hadn't even started!!

With M. at camp this week, it was just me and my boy. It is so rare when we are alone and have time together. I shifted my attention and realized that I had a wonderful opportunity to just focus on him. Me and him. So I shut off the computer without another thought, leaving that page still empty, still wordless.

With hunger driving him, I could see the little wheels in my boy's brain start to turn.
"Oh Mom, we can ride our bikes to downtown and eat lunch at the French bakery!! And then we can have ice cream---or nutella crepes!!!"

It was a brilliant idea.

As I sat there on the bike, iphone camera ready as usual, I noticed something. I wasn't feeling the heat as much as I thought I would. The speed of the bike brought a gentle breeze that even a heat index over 100 couldn't prevent. All we had to do was pedal a little faster and coast to let the coolness settle in comfortably. It was such a simple thing to do to overcome something we believed to be so constant.

And then I saw it, and had to stop the bike.

The messages are everywhere if we take the time to see them. But then sometimes the universe throws us a lifeline and says "SEE!!"

I could only smile and chuckle to myself when E. asked me, "What Mom?" I looked at him and said "Tough times don't last." He just looked back at me and said, "Can we go now?"
"Sure, bud."

Tough times don't last. Neither does anxiety. Neither does pressure. Neither does writer's block or any other creative block. Neither does ego's hold. Neither does the time we have with our children. Neither does the breeze in our faces, or the heat on our skin. Niether does fear, or insecurity, and neither does a blank, empty page. And you know what else doesn't last? Nutella crepes :).

Make the best of every moment, because the very best moments are there waiting for you to join in :)...

much love
xx oo


  1. I think i might have needed to see that sign today too... what a lovely day and message.
    best wishes

  2. What an amazing post. I feel similar many days and then just one little thing changes my whole perspective. Great reminder as I start my day.

  3. Such wonderful and beautiful thoughts. I'm quite the same, always putting such pressure on myself that sometimes I can't even move or get started. What a sign...!

  4. I often feel the same way you do -- it's nice when life gives us a sign (sometimes literally!) to stop, breathe, and just be.

  5. The universe is like that sometimes ... it takes a 2x4 (in this case the wonderful sign) and hits you over the head with it. YeeHaw!!!!!!!!

  6. Awesome post! This is so true. It' something I always try to keep in mind; this too shall pass. Your town is so cute! We lived on the north shore of Oahu for a while and would ride our bikes into the little town (Haleiwa) to have iced coffees. So much fun! And to have a french bakery within riding distance???? Heaven!

  7. Wonderful post and so timely! That is great you have some time alone with your sweetie. One thing I am learning through my Buddhism book is impermanence. I tend to invest a lot of energy and worry into impermanent emotions/states of mind. Thanks for a wonderful reminder!

  8. Oh that boy's eyes! So beautiful. As are your thoughtful words. Love the message from the universe that came to you ;-). May the reality of it come to all who are struggling.

  9. So heartbreakingly true and also liberatingly true!
    Love how the right words can turn your day around.

  10. great post! it is so great to spend time with just one child alone. i've been realizing this lately. they are a completely different person without the siblings! it is my goal to do this before they get much older. to spend time with each kid alone and really get to know them individually.

  11. Tough Times Don't Last.
    I love it! Nothing could say it better!!!

  12. i love this post and reminder to get out (of the house and yourself). the sign on your journey gave me goosebumps!

    we are in the same boat with the heat and getting out - but we are striving to walk or hike everyday and it is not that bad. the breezes are there - you just have to find (or make) them.

  13. hahaha that was great. You're right tough times, anxiety, pressure.... don't last. I love sometimes when you need that sign and then as you go about life you actually come across a sign that tells you what you need.

  14. that is definitely a sign worth noticing! and i love that you and him had a bike/lunch date. so sweet!

  15. What a pretty town you live in MJ and a very handsome lunch date you had. I am going to have to make nutella crepes when I feel better, they sound wonderful.xx

  16. Wonderful post mama! thanks for the reminder:) sending hugs your way.

  17. Gosh, no truer words... and so true about reminders always being around us. And thank goodness for blank pages which lead to spontaneous adventures. I bookmarked this post.. I know I will be back to re-read when I need a boost! Thank you!

  18. What a wonderful post, and just what I needed to read today. Glad you were able to enjoy such a special time with your (super handsome) son!

  19. This was beautiful, MJ. So many moments I sighed, laughed, blinked (astonished there could be another Me living over the ocean!), and just breathed in all your wonderful moments. That ride looks MAGIC. Those trees, ah, those trees. That sign! Oh my goodness. That lovely downtown. The bakery (tell me they have gluten free and I'll be there in a single minute)! Your boy's eyes.

    I loved your boy holding your face. Saying, Time to Go. Time to Let Go. TIme to Be. Now.

    And yes, nothing lasts, but in the moment of Being? The goodness seems to hover, doesn't it? Float over you, bathing you, filling you all the way Up.

    Thank you, so much, for these words, MJ. Thank you.

  20. i felt like i was right along with you on your awesome bike adventure...you had me at nutella crepes!!!

    thanks for passing on the message on the board- it reminds me also to just let it be + savor the moment- something i definitely need to remember more often than not.

    i really enjoyed reading + needed this post today!! :)

  21. great post! and may i say that boy of yours has some great eyelashes. ; ) i can't wait to get a bike here and feel the breeze. with no car (only my husband has one) we've been staying in until the evening but i am feeling the need to get OUT! good to see the reminder that tough times don't last too. thanks. : )

  22. I loved this post, MJ! What a great reminder you received - and shared. Hugs! xo

  23. Oh MJ, I love love love this post! How often do I feel overwhelmed, and the sincere, gentle (usually) request of one of my littles helps put much back into perspective.

    The instagram pics are fabulous!

  24. time spent with our children is time spent wisely-
    wonderful post Thanks : )

  25. it's something that so many of us forget in the moment. we too often treat emotions and situations as if they are forever. it makes us over emphasis the bad and neglect the good.

    what a cool message to see.

    and that 2nd photo! what a beautiful place to ride or stroll.

  26. That's one spookily perceptive kid you've got there!

  27. Perfect!!!

    And my, I love your new header photo!

  28. I love this "almost didn't happen" post :) so much!
    I also relate to the perfectionism ;)
    You are so right about how things don't last.
    The precious moments are transitory and should be savoured, and the tough times are also transitions and we should not fall under them.
    All seasons pass.
    The photos are a wonderful! So full of happy atmosphere.

  29. MJ, This is beautiful. Bless the soul of that sweet boy of yours. : )

  30. Sigh! I think there's a reason I'm behind on my blog reading and I just found this post. Thanks...as always :)


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~ George Bernard Shaw