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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Smile {Pinney for your Thoughts}

So happy to be joining LB at Everyday Dreamer in her first Pinney for your Thoughts !!

Things that make me smile:

Baby faces...


Other people's smile...

All photo sources can be found here on Pinterest 

So then, what makes you smile?!!!

xx oo

p.s. thanks for all your lovely words yesterday, they brought me peace and of course, made me smile


  1. I smiled this morning when little arms wrapped around my neck and a little one whispered, "Good Morning". Great pictures that are sure to make one smile. xx

  2. I Love these, MJ. Wonderful choices. I think the first dacing one is my favorite. I need a poster of that, or something. It made my heart smile. And the first baby face with the pony tails, I think that girl lives in my house. ;) Very cute. Thanks for playing with me!!!

  3. The one of Marilyn - just beautiful! But the one of the children dancing - that leaves me speechless.

  4. Smiling is so easy to do and brings such a great return. I love how when you smile at someone they can't help but smile back...it's almost impossible not to!

  5. These definitely made me smile! Time to start pinning!

  6. discovering ezra's new drawing talents make me smile - boats, pirate ships, palm trees... and also finding out that he can write his numbers 1-9. he just did this the other day and we've never done it before. ha!

  7. You and your beautiful posts make me smile. Hope all those smiles on your face are cheering you a little today :-)

  8. Great! I love the dancing ones!!! dancing always makes me smile. And jumping kittens cause well you don't see that everyday.

  9. your posts make me smile. and think. and be constantly thankful for your brain and heart, MJ.

  10. Hahaha, why do grumpy-looking babies always make me laugh? My two men make me smile - most of the time ;-) I wish I had some "smiley" pins, but mine are all of totally superficial things...I know, I'm so shallow ;-)

    Thanks for your sweet comment, Love from London xo

  11. Smiles are great aren't they? They don't cost anything, they make you feel better and look younger! Lovely images MJ...the children dancing? Wow!

  12. ... this blog post did a good job : )

  13. that 3rd one is just glorious - beautiful photography and wonderful subject.
    and the cats made me giggle.

  14. Thanks for all the smiles, needed them today.

  15. your smiles made me smile! your posts often do! :)


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