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Monday, May 21, 2012

Work and play

Work...Holding garage sales, as you probably know, is work. But a clean and organized garage that you can walk around in is certainly something worth working for. The garage sale, despite the cold, gray drizzly day, was a success, and not because we made a lot of money (HA-snort)!! But because at the end of the day, a nice (or crazy) lady said she would take all that was left for $100. Of course I considered that if I just spent a little more time, I could list all those things on Craig's List or Ebay myself. Instead, piece of mind and that cathartic feeling of unburdening ourselves in one fell swoop trumped those considerations and I tell ya---it felt so AWESOME!!

Play... An evening of wine and laughter at our neighbor's house left my cheek muscles sore. Then Sunday, a short drive up a hill to the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) where hiking trails zig-zag throughout, brought us an easy 2 mile hike and views like the one above. And the best way to end this weekend was 20 minutes of watching that gorgeous solar eclipse through our special glasses, did you see it too?

Hope yours was grand my friends....

Weekending with Amanda


  1. Well now I would say your garage sale was a big success! I love my mugs and the coffee tastes so much better, thank you :)

  2. Oh, that beautiful view was worth the two mile hike!

  3. No I didn't see it although I would have loved to. I have been dealing with the first tropical storm of the season...already! Can I move in with you? ;)

  4. What a grand weekend. I wish your benefactor could come to my house. Congrats on getting all the stuff out and on the sore cheek muscles. You know you've had a good time when that happens.

  5. Great weekend. I love the picture of the bee in the flower. The hike up to see the eclipse sounds cool too! There are so many things to do and see in the beautiful part of the country where you live. Have a great week.

  6. ohhh I love laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt.
    everyone needs a good laugh like that at least once a week.
    I would have loved to peruse your sale, of course.
    hugs and love sweet woman!

  7. I'm enjoying seeing my home through your eyes. So glad to hear that you're all settling, finding rhythm and little spots in the hills to call your own.

  8. i'm so glad for you that you have such neighbours, and friends already!

    i feel that similar awesomeness by how much we have got rid off in this final declutter. it IS amazing, and often more important than more money but slow release.

  9. That's one way to clear out a garage sale. I hope your new home feels decluttered. I'm loving your photos from your new home state. How beautiful. You are making me want to travel! Jacinta

  10. What fun! I'm all for the end of the day take it all deal! Less hassle for me I say. So great you are getting along with your neighbors!

  11. WOW!! What amazing and gorgeous views!

    It must be a great feeling to not have all the stuff to deal with anymore.

    No eclipse viewing here. Too far east. :( I did see a shooting star, though. Yes, I made a wish. :)

  12. sometimes the peace of mind is priceless and getting rid of clutter is so liberating. I'm glad your garage is now emptied.

  13. I am so happy you are settling in and feeling so embraced by your place. Magic pure magic, girl! xoxo


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