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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tour Eiffel

How many times can a person take a picture of the same thing? I guess when the sight of something overwhelms you and fills you up so much to where you feel you'll burst, you can't help but try to freeze every second as it occurs. As I look at each of my pictures, I remember feeling every single one. It doesn't even matter that it was gray and drizzly, I will always remember the day the four of us climbed those stairs, laughed, smiled, and urged each other upward, as we lived and breathed inside the Tour Eiffel....
Do you see Gustave Eiffel? Did you know he also made the
framework for the Statue of Liberty?

Arc de triomphe and a fraction of gorgeous Paris from above

On level 2, after 674 steps
Not the best weather day for polaroids, but still...
And my thoughts still visit you all my friends....



  1. ah, you managed a polaroid, cool!
    glad you all had such a blast, it does sound like you had a giggle together.

  2. Lovely! My fav is the one with you and the kids :)

  3. love your pics. I could never stop myself from taking pics of la tour eiffel either :)

  4. Very cool! And anyway, it's so "Paris" to be grey and drizzly.

  5. Oh I remember that! Paris was such fun for me...I lived at rue de Varenne...it's not far from les Invalides

    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. i am loving following along on your trip. there is nothing better than paris. you guys should try to see a puppet show in the luxenborg gardens. very, very sweet - sorta like going back in time. oh, and i got my postcard! thank you - made my day!

  7. please just stay and keep writing! so beautiful!

  8. Just beautiful, MJ! I can't wait to hear and see more from your adventures in Paris!

  9. Great pictures that really give some perspective on this amazing structure. Thanks for letting your followers share your amazing trip to France!

  10. I was there too, long ago. Amazing how so many people have been so moved by the same structure. Really connects us all, no?

  11. Gorgeous photos. Tenneille is very impressed with your Eiffel tower pictures. Thank you for her postcard too. she was thrilled. Happy travels. Jacinta

  12. So great to see your pictures! I always look forward to your posts. Aaaaaaand I received a lovely postcard, which totally brightened my day! I'm in the beginning stage of labor with my first baby, and these first little labor signs could continue for days before the "real thing" happens, so it was wonderfully encouraging to find a beautiful postcard in my mailbox : ) Keep on having fun and treasuring these moments!

  13. i love all your shots mj. your kids look so happy. i remember my brother and i bonding so much on our european vacations as children. such special times. sigh...
    as an adult going to paris, i remember being impressed reading about the design of the city of paris, how all the streets of the various arrondissements meet at the arc de triomphe. do i remember that correctly? well, anyways... i'm glad you took that picture because we never made it up the eiffel tower, we didn't want to wait in the long line. have you figured out we're a bit impatient when it comes to long lines, michael and i?

    1. Lol, well I'd be lying if I said we were patient. We didn't wait in that long line either!! We took the stairs which was much shorter as most everyone else was waiting for the elevator all the way to the top. And yes to the streets meeting at the Arc--coolest thing ever...


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