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Monday, November 12, 2012

and so it was

And so it was a Friday worth repeating again, someday soon. I can't say guilt was non-existent, or that my thoughts didn't return to the things that needed to be done, or that I didn't have much catching up to do the rest of the weekend. No, I can't say that.

But I will say that giving myself a few hours:
to sit in a coffee shop and drink a good mocha,
drag my hands across beautiful paper and gorgeous handmade journals,
grab a sandwich from a local deli to eat outside on a bench,
to see a movie, one that actually made me miss high school
and remember the music I use to love...

Like this:

Heroes (Album version) by David Bowie on Grooveshark
and this:

Pearly dewdrops' drops by Cocteau Twins on Grooveshark

oh the Cocteau Twins...remember them?

Well, that was a day worth waiting for.

As you can see these pictures have nothing to do with my Friday. Well actually, maybe they do. Because of Friday, the rest of my weekend slowed down and the details of the days sprung out in front of me, like mini stop signs.

These are the kind of stop signs I like.

Monday Love and Weekending with Amanda...


  1. mj, it is such a complicated thing to be a mother, isn't it? i think somehow we all need the reason to be feel guilty, meaning that we must feed ourselves or we have nothing real to give, but we should all somehow exercise ourselves beyond the guilt. but i laugh at myself here for i am the guiltiest:)

    how to strike the balance between being an individual and a mother?

    you are beautiful here.


  2. It's so good to sometimes just let everything be and chill for a little while. As mothers we all constantly feel guilty about one thing or another, add to that a job and a blog and it's a perfect recipe for perm-guilt! Good to hear you had a relaxed weekend, hope your week will continue like that (yeah, fat chance ;-) ) xo

  3. Of course I meant perma-guilt as in 'permanent' - I don't have a perm, derrr...

  4. you are inspiring me, my dear! i went out and bought watercolors because of you. they are scaring me, but i am pushing through. i used to call myself an artist...used to earn a decent living painting (murals)....and now i tip toe around the edges of the idea when what really tugs at me is an artistic life...thank you for tapping on my hard shell!!!! and i LOVE the cocteau twins. have a lovely! and really....thanx!

    1. I was so happy to read this Ivey!!!! A muralist! Girl it's in your bones! Paint away dear friend!!!

  5. "Because of Friday, the rest of my weekend slowed down"

    that's the surprise magic huh? the domino effect.

    never heard of those twins, but did have the Thompson Twins in my teens. :)

    1. Oh yes the Thompson Twins!!! I loved them!!!

  6. sounds like there was something unexpected in there. and that's always great :) the little unexpected things make a big difference!

  7. i spent friday being utterly unproductive and you know, it really helped me to ease into my weekend, and to remain a bit above the stress and chaos that life with 5 kids involves.

    i think there should be more fridays like that, don't you?

  8. It's always good to give yourself a break from our daily routine. :)

  9. such a gentle and inspiring day. so wonderful how you created this space for yourself.

    and the cocteau twins...oh, i haven't listened to them in years...but, wow, the memories that came flooding back with the mere mention...

  10. girl, the cocteau twins were my life's backdrop for many years. and boy, I'm glad those years are over!
    ; )

  11. as so it was....
    all beautiful

    love and light

  12. lovely series of photographs. how nice to slow down and see your world.

  13. Sounds like a great day!

    Yes, the Cocteau Twins - just listened to one of their albums recently. I'll love them forever.



“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw