"We are all wanderers on this earth...our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams." ~ Gypsy proverb

Friday, November 9, 2012

free day

Welcome Friday, I have been waiting for you. Today is the day I promised myself some freedom-- freedom from the endless to-do lists, need-to's and shoulds.

Today, I promised myself that I would mindfully enjoy every footstep I take, and have a date with discovery. Today I delicately indulge in the things I love. I won't just steal seconds and squeeze them in between the listed tasks. Today, I will revel and roll in them, remembering the gifts I receive from just breathing.

Today, I will take slower sips of my coffee, write longer without self-editing, doodle, knit, or make something more without self-deprecating. I will stop to take more photos rather than pass them by for reason A or B. I will read as long as I want without feeling guilty. And maybe if I feel like it, I will take myself to a movie, or out to lunch.

Today, is the day that I do what I please because I am the only one that can choose to make that happen for me, without guilt, worry or imagined obligation.

Today is about soaking in the light that falls on this earth, the one that moves effortlessly reflecting, enhancing, and highlighting the beauty that is already there.

Today, I am wishing that you find some time to do the same....

Have a great weekend


ps. I am going to do my best to document my free day today using Twitter (yes I tweet now thanks to Cory!), Instagram, and maybe even Facebook. I would love it if you stopped by...


  1. yes yes yes
    this is true living♥
    and when we do this and share it, we allow others to do the same
    what a gift
    i embrace this freedom with you♥

    love and light

  2. Hoping that it's a beautiful day and you enjoy it to the fullest! I just requested to follow your Instagram account, so if you see a request from some random person.... that's me! :)

  3. Enjoy this time MJ!!! Love the photo... was it from yesterday morning? hugs!!

    1. Yes!! You saw it too!!! Wasn't it beautiful!!

  4. will you be doing this every friday?! : ) it sounds lovely. i try to do a little each day.

  5. Sounds like a day filled with bliss. To just be, instead of do. I hope it was exactly that. xo

  6. love all that you gifted to yourself. hope it was a day of bliss. xo

  7. Now that I got you on Twitter, I've fallen off the map. Dang it! I'll try and Tweet today.XO

  8. Everyone should have a stress-free day once a week. It feels real good! It's nice to know you're giving time for discovering new things and just do whatever you want without guilt and without following any to-do list! :)

  9. Hello MJ!

    Good for you my dear! One must always find days like this one, and use them the best way possible ;)

    I am on tweeter too! I do tweet mostly in greek but it'll be fun to keep in contact this way!

  10. MJ,
    Your Friday from last week, reminds me of the one I was able to enjoy this week. I think what the whole of modern womankind really wants is: slowness.
    Enjoy Thanksgiving with family,


“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw