"We are all wanderers on this earth...our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams." ~ Gypsy proverb

Monday, August 19, 2013

Peaches and the crave for solitude

This weekend we went to the Lafayette Peach Festival where we found delicious peaches from Palisade, CO, some as large as softballs. Peach tea, peach cobblers, peach smoothies, peach pie...yep, peach heaven. Well, that's all I have to say about peaches...

Yesterday, we went out to breakfast at a local diner. In the courtyard, I found a whole step covered with Mickeys and Minnies. I can't see a Mickey or Minnie without thinking of Orlando. It made me think of the life I had there when I was just a girl. It made me think of my family. As I watched a father play hide-n-seek in that courtyard with his 2 little girls, somehow the memory and the moment melted together to form a soft landing for the tiny ache that followed. The girls squealed in delight as the wide-eyes behind their hands watched their dad tuck around a corner. They bolted after him after a count of only 6.

The crave for solitude has been strong these past few days, but not the quiet kind of solitude. It's a restlessness, like the flickers of a waking fire just waiting to burst from smoldering ash. When my mind wanders to places other than where I am I know it's time to fan those flames with a slow exhale. Sometimes I forget that I can't breathe deeply, restoringly, without first exhaling...

Monday love...

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  1. oh, i'm fanning the flames of my desire for solitude. i love that i get a little time alone each saturday but i really want to travel, alone. explore and take it all in.

  2. I need to remember this too..."Sometimes I forget that I can't breathe deeply, restoringly, without first exhaling..."

  3. I hear you on the solitude. I have it for the first time in years, and it's exactly right. for now...

  4. I will be getting my solitude soon, in one week in fact. I love it and yet in order to have it the kids are away at their schools..

  5. Oh MJ, thank you for putting into words some of my feelings right now. I've tried writing a post for the past hour -- with phrases like "I need to remember to breathe" -- but haven't gotten past those words. That not breathing part is a problem...

    Wishing you solitude of the best, most inspiring kind!

  6. Oh the smoldering. It's amazing what happens when I give myself the quiet space my heart needs. The breathing comes so much easier in the solitude. Breath deeply my dear. XO


“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw