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Thursday, April 4, 2013

This place

This place...this place that we have called home for over a year....This place...this place that gave us our first taste of life in Colorado, a place where I so willingly and eagerly planted roots. This place that gave us a wonderful neighborhood full of children and kind people, a place from where we could walk or bike to the store, to trails, to dinner, or to the farmer's market downtown. This place that allowed us to watch our children play safely outside on a quiet street, to have neighbors regularly say "Hey, your kids are welcome to eat with us tonight..."

This tiny little place was never to be our forever home, but it was a place that I thought would hold us just a little longer...But now it's time to say good-bye...

I am mourning deeply my friends, for not just a home and a village, but also for a year that changed our lives completely. We are moving only a few minutes away but the loss feels so much greater. It will be a year that I will never ever forget.

So the moving insanity has found me again...
I hope to show you pics of the new place soon.

Thank you faithful readers for always coming back, knowing you are still here keeps me going and makes me smile..

see you soon



  1. Moving is never easy ... even to a good place. Hug yourself and we'll see you soon.


  2. Good Luck with the move!!! I hope the new place is as special as this one was. I understand the pain, as I am packing us up to return to that side of the pond.
    Chey xo

  3. Wishing you a smooth transition. Big hugs!

  4. I'm glad you had that place to call home, to love, learn, laugh, cry, grow, explore, and just live. Now another door is opening and you will make it just as wonderful. Love you my friend and thinking of you as you open another door and expand your world!

  5. so sorry. moving is not easy. I get it!
    I know that whatever is next will be BETTER. Really!

  6. Sounds like this place will hold a very special place in your memories. As this door closes another one opens ready to be a place where you can make more memories. Good luck with the move, hugs.

  7. Moving is stressful, I hope you love the next house as much as you do this one!!

  8. Oh I am sorry you are moving but it's cool you were able to live in such a wonderful place and you won't be too far away. Wishing you peace and harmony during your move and joy for your next house adventure!

  9. good luck with everything. you never know what's in store for you. it'll be great xxx

  10. Hi dear MJ,
    I have been away from blogland for a long time, but you are still in my thoughts. :)

    To move again! It is wise to give yourself time to grieve what you are leaving. I have a feeling, too, that you will find treasures and friends and roots where you are going....


  11. Here's to hoping that it means more loving neighbors will come in to your life. Still hard to dig up roots and begin again. x, Katie (and glad to hear you're not leaving co. i must meet you one of these days!)

  12. Thinking of you, MJ, and sending love. I get it. Thank you, for speaking always how you FEEL.

  13. I know you already know this but I'll write it out anyway:
    the blessings of "this place" will never leave. They have carved a place in your family's past and story with a permanent score. Hoping your next home brings as many happy, varied joys.

  14. I was worried you were about to say you were leaving Boulder altogether! I'm going home to Colorado in June and hope I can bother you for a cup of coffee when I go to Boulder :)

    I wish you peace in the midst of the moving craziness and many good things in your new home.

  15. here's to even better things ahead <3

  16. here's to even better things ahead <3

  17. You've created a beautiful home, and it speaks to the power of both a positive space but also the ability to bloom where you are planted.
    Hugs to you through this transition!

  18. Wow, I can't believe you have been there a year already. How time flies. Maybe we can go go insane together. Our house is on the market and trying to keep it spotless with 3 kids may do me in eventually! To top it off, hubby is currently over your side of the world for the next 2 weeks. Hope the move goes smoothly and more special friendships are forged. Jacinta

  19. Oh, my heart is with you. We are in this transition place as well, saying goodbye (slowly) to our home of 17 years in the woods. These shifts are so hard, but the other side is the pasture's edge...light, blue skies and sandy shore freedom. Your heart is you home and every piece of light and love are already packed, right there inside you. XO

  20. Awww honey, I can't imagine if I had to keep pick up and moving. Hold tight to your family, and know we are all holding you in our thoughts during this transition.

  21. It looks like a good place for a family. But I hope the new place will also feel very homey to not make you feel sad :)

  22. was wondering where you went...
    missed this post

    feeling your grief M
    honouring this time....
    staff in hand
    candle lit

    love and light

  23. I had been away from my own blog for sometime... and now that i'm back, I see that you are away too. I hope you are enjoying your time. Have you found a beautiful new home?

    best, J

  24. Moving is always difficult. These places will always have little pieces of our hearts. Looking forward to seeing your new digs and adventures! xo

  25. I'm sure that wherever you're putting your creative energy, it is just the right place.

    Miss you, though :)

  26. blogland isn't the same without you. i know all is well, but do look forward to your return.

    i had missed this post. nice that it's only minutes away, so much less stress!


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